Thursday, October 27, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Thursday 10.27.2005)

1) Was thrilled when Steve woke me this morning and I realized that I (and Hannah) had slept through the night.

2) Sent the kids off to daycare (in good moods) to yet another Halloween party/parade day. After this, we're officially "done" with Halloween stuff for the year.

3) Had planned to head immediately out the door to take my car to WalMart for an oil change so I'd be the first one in line and wouldn't have to wait long, but decided I didn't feel like it.

4) Got pissed at myself for not going because I knew I'd have to go at some point and wait for a good hour or so for my car. Being stranded at WalMart isn't exactly on my list of Things I Want to Do Today.

5) Ate like a hog throughout the day. Oink.

6) Got very little done in terms of my job, even though I told my manager I'd forward her a document today and now have to work on it after posting this blog entry.

7) Had one of those days where I just couldn't motivate myself to do anything productive. I did get one load of laundry done. And I updated Steve's files in Quickbooks for the accountant. But that pretty much sums it up.

8) Decided around 4:00 that there was no way in hell I was getting my oil changed today and it'll just have to wait until next Wednesday. Let's hope my engine doesn't blow up before then.

9) I did however, stop at Advanced Auto on my way to pick up the girls, and bought a new bulb for my headlight that's been burned out... oh, I dunno... like a month now.

10) Realized that by the time I get Steve to change the bulb, it could be another month or so.

11) Was just thrilled [dripping with sarcasm] to see the girls brought home yet more candy from their Halloween parties at daycare today. Because god knows, we didn't have enough already.

12) Rumor has it that had the same eating habits as me today. Oink.

13) Nearly pummeled Steve in the face when he got all pissy with me because I wanted to use a new paper plate for my dinner instead of using the one he had used to carry all of the chicken breasts in from the grill. Dude, are you kidding me? Broken down per plate, each one probably cost about $0.05 (if that), ya damn freak.

14) Didn't know whether to laugh at him or kick him where it hurts when I watched him huffily wipe off the paper plate I was going to use, and put it back on the pile. Seriously dude... you've got some serious issues.

15) By the way... reminder to Steve: I bought the last 4 or 5 packs of paper plates so I'll use however damn many I want to.

16) Saw right through him when two minutes after his little "tantrum" he started talking to me like nothing had happened. Sorry Sir, no, you will not be getting laid this evening.

17) Wiggled Grace's tooth and realized it's going to fall out any day. Any minute really. :(

18) Am now paranoid that she's either going to swallow it or not realize it fell out and we won't have it. How exactly do you explain to a 4-year-old that the tooth fairy will indeed leave a little "treat" even we don't have the actual tooth?

19) Have decided to start checking her mouth obsessively until it falls out.

20) Almost crapped myself when I saw what happened in the board room on "The Apprentice."

21) Wondered how tonight's events on aforementioned show didn't screw up the whole season and the number of episodes they had expected to air. Hmmmm...

22) Gave in and had sex anyway. It's been way too long (for us), and the guilt was starting to weigh on me.

23) Realized afterwards that this could very well be my day(s) to ovulate, but honestly have no clue. Crap.

24) Remembered I forgot to buy diapers today and now need to load two children into the car first thing in the morning and go to WalMart just to get a pack of diapers. Dammit.

25) Once again, forgot to give Salinger his morning dose of antibiotics. If this cat starts pissing on things again, it is sooo my fault. (However, Steve will never be made aware of that fact.)

26) Realized that Steve and I are probably the two worst friends in the world when it comes to calling people back. We don't mean any harm. Really. We just suck.


Denise said...

We were shocked too by 20, and wondered the same thing about 21. Though, they all deserved it!

Janet said...

I am glad you got a good nights sleep!

I ate like a pig today and did Quickbooks too. Makes for a bummer of a day at the end!

Sex is a good thing! No matter how mad I am at Eric, I am usually over it after we have a little fun:-)

I cannot believe Grace's tooth is coming out:-(

our cat got her claws out over a week ago and I still have the darn bottle of anitbiotics because I forget to give them to her! Poor kitties.

EE said...

#20 FLOORED me too. I can't wait to see the other's reactions next wk!

I am just ROFL about the whole paper plate issue. I'm anal, I admit to it, but OMFG Steve. I can just see the look on your face as he's telling you this. And then WIPING IT CLEAN to put it back. LMAO!

Alien said...

EE, seriously. I just looked at him like he was smoking crack. I bit my tongue instead of pointing out to him that if I had a DAMN KITCHEN, I wouldn't need to USE paper plates and I could wash ya know, REAL dishes.

mama_tulip said...

#20 was awesome! The first thing Dave said was, "That's going to screw up a lot of office pools."

geenalyn said...

give Grace a whole apple...worked for Daynah's tooth :)

and i don't watch the apprentice but i need to go find out what ya'll are talking about

Mary said...

Alien you should have taken the paper plate steve just wiped, tore it in half and thrown it away just while standing there glaring at him.

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