Saturday, October 29, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Saturday 10.29.2005)

1) Was in a rather pleasant, energetic mood upon waking this morning. Still not really sure why or how.

2) Took a shower while Hannah screamed because Grace wouldn't let her use the blue pillow on our bed (which matched her shirt).

3) Thought the vet was open until noon for me to pick up Salinger's antibiotics refill.

4) Called them at 9:55 AM and found out they were only open until 10:30 AM.

5) Threw the girls in the car (literally) and high-tailed it to the vet to get the meds.

6) Had to come back home to pick up the checks and deposit slips for the stuff I was supposed to take to Steve's bank (that I forgot when we left for the vet).

7) Went to the bank (in the next town I might add) and had to take the girls into the bank with me (as opposed to the drive-thru I normally use) because Steve had more than three transactions. Fucker.

8) Came back home, where almost immediately, my sister and BIL picked Grace up to take her to a kids' Halloween party at the local Rod & Gun club they belong to.

9) Managed to alternate between playing around online and getting a lot of cleaning done. I even cleaned out the inside of the microwave.

10) I later didn't tell Steve that the ONLY reason I cleaned out the inside of the microwave was because the bowl of SpaghettiO's I was heating up blew up in there.

11) Yes, Hannah ate ALL of my damn meatballs out of them. [sigh]

12) Got a call at 7:00 that Grace wanted to sleep over at my sister's house. I had sent pajamas just in case, so I was all for it. YEEHAW!

13) Had Steve walk in 5 minutes later and inform me our nephew was sleeping over again so they could go shooting in the morning. No problem.

14) Ordered wings from the place around the corner and asked for hot sauce on the side. (Otherwise, they get too soggy by the time you get them home, and we like them crispy.)

15) Got home, opened the bag, and discovered they'd forgotten the hot sauce on the side. Yay for plain ol' chicken (basically). [sigh]

16) At least the cheese fries were good.

17) 9:00 PM: Took Hannah upstairs to bed.

18) 9:15 PM: Came back downstairs as my sister was pulling in with Grace, who decided she wanted to sleep at home after all. So much for my evening alone.

19) 9:30 PM: Grace is sleeping but Hannah is screaming for Mommy.

20) 9:45 PM: Come back downstairs (again) to find Grace & Tommie sleeping. Finally, the night is mine.

21) Steve walked downstairs after his shower wearing the most ridiculous pair of sweatpants I've ever seen in my life. Bright red, an inch too short, and skin tight. I shit you not, there's no WAY he's worn them since high school.

22) Saw him and started laughing so hard, tears were coming out of both of our eyes.

23) I kept laughing to the point where I was farting. This sent us into even more hysterical fits of laughter. Dude! Take them OFF for the love of god.

24) Received an email from our accountant, informing me I need to bring Steve's tax stuff to her ASAP in the morning since she has a baby shower in the afternoon.

25) This means, since Steve's going shooting, that I need to take both girls with me. DAMMIT!

26) Also realized I'm going to need milk, so I'll need to stop at the gas station (with both girls) to get it at some point. (Seriously, why the hell does it have to be dangerous to leave children strapped unattended in the car for 2 minutes?)

27) Realized that since having children, the whole "gain an hour" thing associated with Daylight Savings Time is moot, since it just means they'll be waking me up at 5:00 instead of 6:00 tomorrow morning.

28) Remembered (fondly) the days when I was young and single, where this night was my favorite night of the year. We'd go out to a bar, and at 2:00 AM, when they'd normally be closing, they'd turn the clocks back and we'd have another hour to get (even more) shitfaced. Ahhh... those were the days.


Mary said...

Okay so do your kids behave when you have to take them so many places alone? Jake and Clara are so unpredictable. Sometimes they behave really well, and other times I KNOW we're about to be 86'ed from the premises.

WTG on cleaning your microwave, I seriously need to scrub ours down. Damn tacosoup exploding in there...

Alien said...

Yeah. For the most part, they really do behave. (Although, I assure you, there are times they don't.) I just HATE having to buckle them in... unbuckle them and get them out... make sure Grace doesn't ding a car getting out in a parking lot... making sure neither runs out and gets hit by a car in the parking lot.... etc. P...I...T...A! LOL!

mama_tulip said...

I'm ITA with you in regards to your above comment...I hate getting both kids in and out of the car and trying to make sure Julia doesn't take off in the lot while I'm trying to get Oliver out. It's extra stress I don't need.

EE said...

Even w/ Calista, who is able to do everything all by herself (do/undo her seatbelt, open the door, etc) and even helps out w/ Haley most of the time, it's a huge PITA to tote them in and out of places.

Seriously *LOL* at Steve. I can just imagine those sweats. LMAO!

geenalyn said...

i can't even describe what a PITA it is to get 3 kids unbuckled and out of the car least daynah can do herself...

Janet said...

LOL about Steve's pants! Hopefully he put them in the goodwill bag!

I still love daylight savings because now it will be light when I have to get up:-) My kids did still sleep 8:00 this morning!

Mary said...

It helps alot that Jake can almost totally buckle, and totally unbuckle himself. We had had him behind the drivers seat for some odd reason, but now switched him over to the passenger side. Now getting out is SO MUCH easier, cuz he just crawls across.

Anonymous said...

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