Friday, October 28, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Friday 10.28.2005)

1) Got to sleep in until 7:00 again. GOOD job girls!

2) Managed to crank out the user guide in an hour this morning and forward it to my manager with a note implying I had worked on it all day yesterday and half the night. Mwaaahaahaaa!

3) Had Grace throw a HUGE fit this morning when I informed her I had to go to the bank before we could go to WalMart where she could spend her $5.00 Halloween money from Nana.

4) Got increasingly annoyed when it took me about an hour and half to finally get the girls ready to go. I swear to god, I have the slowest, most easily distracted children on the planet.

5) Ran into my friend, Dan, at WalMart (my cute beer pong partner for those of you that were at the pig roast) and had him ask me if we're going to our friend's annual Halloween party tomorrow night.

6) Lied and said I wasn't sure we had a babysitter (I didn't ask anyone) and figured he'd tell the hosts and we'd get off scott free. (We hate Halloween parties and these people insist you come in costume.)

7) Had to explain to my children a billion times that they each only had $5.00 and that no, they could not buy that $30 doctor's table for their dolls or that $40.00 dog that moves and licks you.

8) Was thrilled when Hannah chose a $0.97 doll (of which we have about 4 duplicates, but for ninety-seven cents, who the hell cares?)

9) Decided to nix the trip to the vet for Salinger's antibiotics refill until tomorrow morning when it because extremely obvious that Hannah was ready for a nap.

10) Took Grace to gymnastics where both her and Hannah discovered the joys of Grace's little friend's Polly Pockets Click Its dolls with magnetic clothing. One more Christmas item added to the list...

11) Found out Steve invited our 15-year-old nephew to sleep over tonight so the two of them can get up before the crack of dawn to go turkey hunting.

12) Didn't care except the girls are still hanging on him and trying to play with no signs of being willing to go to bed yet.

13) Figured I won't be on the computer tonight (since Tommie will be trying to sleep in here), so I have to blog now.

14) This also means I get to start reading "Lolita", which was sent to me by my kick ass friend. I'm actually rather excited.

15) Found out the place where Grace takes gymnastics offers birthday parties there and realized that it's only October, but I've already decided where Grace's birthday party will be next year in June. Sweet.

16) Came downstairs from putting Hannah to bed and was thrilled to discover Tommie and Grace already sleeping, allowing me to be online as much as I please. :)

17) By reading all of mine (and other's) blog comments, there are a HELL of a lot of us online this Friday night. LOL!


Janet said...

I showed Eric photos of the pig roast today! He said he "has to meet you people someday!" Anyone that likes pig and beer is good in his book!

We have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow night, I am just excited to go out alone with Eric.

I hate taking my kids to Wal Mart. They always have a limit and beg for the $40 toy. I know exactly which .97 cent doll you have, we have all of them too:-)

Alien said...

Yeah. It would be nice to get out with Steve (and sleep late the next morning). But I'd rather hold off on the babysitting until the next afternoon, when we can go see "Saw 2" in the movie theatre. LOL!

And we really MUST meet. It's a damn shame you, Steve, and I are all terrified out of our minds to fly. [sigh]

Janet said...

We could just meet halfway somewhere. Would that be Chicago? We are going to be in Iowa in June, what is another 6 hour drive!

mama_tulip said...

#4: Welcome to My Own Personal Hell. I swear it takes us about an hour to get out the door. Julia always decides at the last minute that she MUST bring something with her -- a teddy bear, a Happy Meal toy, a ball -- and that she will explode if she doesn't get to take it with her. And it never fails, as soon as I get everyone bundled up and fastened into seats, Oliver lets one rip all over himself.

So I just stay indoors. ;)

Alien said...

LOL Katherine. The similarities between Grace and Julia are mind-boggling. Grace MUST take a stuffed animal with her everywhere. Never the same one. And never one that we can find easily. LOL!

EE said...

Dan was cute and offered great advice...although obviously not good enough that I thought to head it, lol. ;)

I hate taking the kids anywhere where they have to "pick out something w/ a price limit". It drives me *insane*.

Janet, where in Iowa are you going? My sister and her family live in Davenport. I just have been wondering bc I think this is the second time I recall you talking about Iowa. :)

Alien said...

LOL Janet! But I know for a fact that when Tracey drove here from Chicago, it took her 11-12 hours. That's a LONG drive, my friend. You NEED to come stay at that house in the Poconos. Now THERE I could meet you. ;)

Janet said...

We have an 11 hour drive to Iowa though. So for us to drive to Chicago would be another 6 hours. You could drive 11 and we would drive 17. Isn't that fair???

EE, all of Eric's family (other than his Dad) is in Indianola. You could go to Iowa at the same time and then we could all meet in Chicago!!!!!

Alien said...

Fair? Yes. Likely to happen? Um, no. LOL!

EE said...

I was LOL about #17, Doug kept looking over at me going "NOW who are you talking too???" LMAO.

At least we all can entertain each other.

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