Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About Me You May
May Not Already Know

1. I was a member of the Young Democrats club
my freshman year of college.

2. I was a member of the Young Republicans club
my sophmore through senior years of college.

3. I own about 15 blank journals. I buy them, but
then don't want to "ruin" them by writing in them.

4. I've never eaten a single bite of the pig at any
of our annual pig roasts.

5. I get totally turned on by long-haired, guitar
playing, artsy dudes and have NO idea how I ended
up falling head over heels in love with Steve.

6. Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, and Paul Simon are
three of my favorite singers. (Steve hates all of them.)

7. I used to be able to aim my spit and could spit directly
into a coffee can that was a good 6 or 7 feet away from

8. One of my nicknames in college was "Hole," given to
me by my oh-so-funny gay friend, Jeffrey.

9. Speaking of college, I was in charge of refilling the salad
bar in the cafeteria my freshman year, but (thankfully)
landed a job in the campus post office for the remainder
of my college life.

10. I once partied with a bunch of professional WWF
wrestlers. I got totally trashed with Bam Bam Bigelow,
and could've had kinky wresting sex with
Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart if I had so desired. (I didn't.)

11. I'm missing two teeth.

12. I think John Malkovich is totally hot.

13. One of my biggest pet peeves is people that talk
while yawning. Drives me insane.


gb said...

John Malkovich hot? Are you serious?

Which two teeth are you missing, the front ones? That would be so cute! Ha ha!

The Anvil doesn't know what he missed out on does he? ;-)

Alien said...

[blushing] Yes. I think John is hot. I totally understand when people look at me like I'm crazy when I say that, but the sexual tension he created in "Dangerous Liasons" was enough to forever consider him a total hottie.

I'm missing teeth in the back (one on each side) that you can just *barely* see when I fully smile, but I think most people don't notice.

The Anvil *wanted* me to stay with him in his hotel room that night, but despite being trashed off my ass, way more than ever before, I somehow managed to realize that would be a bad, bad decision. LOL!

gb said...

That would be a good post one day, weird attractions/crushes that people have. John certainly qualifies as one for you! Ha Ha!

That was a good call on your part to walk away from the Anvil. I am sure you would have walked away with at least one parting gift had you stayed!

Emily said...

Dude, The Anvil would have broken you...good call, my friend, good call...LOL

Long haired guitar players? Example, please. (I used to be SO unbelievably in love with Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam that I actually slept with a guy just because he looked like him.[SHUT UP, I told you I was a slightly slutty teenager])

Tink said...


Sex with someone named The ANVIL? Yeah, good call girl. I'm sure there are certain things your "junk" wouldn't be able to recover from.

Alien said...

LOL Emily. Yes, Eddie Veddar is a perfect example of the type of guy I find totally hot. :)

Tink, are you trying to say I bore you? Bitch. LOL! I actually have way more exciting things I could post, but well, SOME things have to remain secret. Ya know, so you all don't KNOW I used to be a total slut. ;)

Melissa said...

I love Paul Simon. And, I can totally see the thing you have for John know, he's in a new movie with Johnny.

And, I'd like to state for the record, not that I expect you to give a crap (LOL), that I have been working on my list since Tuesday...and then you freaking post the same topic. I'm a little disturbed. First EE's and the hands, now this...LOL

gb said...

Alien-I can't read OR comment on your "unusual crush" post.

EE said...

All of those except #13 I didn't know! :)

BTW, you're weird. ;)

EE said...

The above works if you right click everything. But the comment box doesn't work. Republish?

Bc I totally have comments! LOL

Janet said...

I do the same thing with journals! Too pretty to ruin them.

I love James Taylor and Paul Simon. Long haired guitar guys are very sexy!

I would have been afraid to have sex with Jim! LOL

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