Saturday, February 18, 2006


"I hate water - fish fuck in it." ~W.C. Fields

A Few Updates -- News, Going Ons, Fun Stuff, & Other Shit

~ As of 2:00 PM today, we have RUNNING WATER in our kitchen. Sweet jesus, I thought we'd never see the day. I was washing dishes within 5 minutes and may not use my dishwasher for another year, just because it brings me such joy not to have to wash dishes in our tiny bathroom sink.

~ We also have working heat in our kitchen. I am now warm and wet. Does it get any better than that?

~ I have had funny as all hell email exchanges all weekend with an old co-worker of mine. Said co-worker is my friend from my most recent employer. This co-worker hooked me up into his
LinkedIn account this weekend and by some small world sort of miracle, he's friends with a guy from my first place of employment over 10 years ago. So this second guy emails me telling me they don't currently have a tech writer at my old company and that I should submit a resume. The problem is that I got fired from that place for reasons that I'd rather not get into, but I assure you, weren't illegal. Just a little, um, "inappropriate" in the work place. (But it was always after hours and we were consenting adults, so I don't see what the big deal was...) So I have ignored the second guy's email. But through my friend, I have found out that the dude may have put two and two together and Guy #2 emailed my friend saying, "If my email about Allison was correct, it would be foolish for her to submit a resume." Gee, ya think? LMAO!

~ Had two birthday parties (one kid's and one adult's) today. We have another kid's party tomorrow. I'm really sick of birthday parties these days and wondering why the hell so many people had sex in May. What gives?

~ Secured another (new) 6 guests for this year's pig roast. I'm considering handing out souveneirs this year.

~ Found out all sorts of cool details from "Lost" from my sister's neighbor tonight that I have totally missed even though I've seen every single episode. Seriously... am I blind?

~ Signed Grace up for T-ball this morning. She gets to wear cute little baseball pants. She's pumped.

~ While signing her up, I saw a note that all parents are required to work the refreshment stand at least twice during the season. Dude, I am so not a refreshment stand sort of mom. What if I drop an "F bomb" while working it? Shit.

~ A future Daddy/Daughter day is now in the works to go buy a baseball glove before the season starts.

~ So my friend from high school happened to be one of the volunteers at sign ups. I had to try to figure out what size T-shirt and baseball pants she needs. I commented that Grace already has a little "beer belly". My friend (a guy I might add) says, "Ahhh... takes after her mom, huh?" LMAO! Fucker. (FYI: He was referring to the "beer" part more than the "belly" part. I assure you.)

~Got another email on Friday about a contract job and a voice mail about "several writing opportunities" that same day (haven't called back yet). Screw it. I want the job at the office with the dead guy on the wall.

~ Everytime I visit my sister's home and try to eat my damn food, my hatred for dogs increases by about a billion. GO AWAY! It's gross!!!!

~ I think I've convinced Steve into growing his hair long. Like
Ace long. Hell, he's halfway there already. Mmmmm... (Jesus, he's hot...)


EE said...

You're not warm AND wet, seriously, is there any better way to be?!?!? ;)

Hooray on the running water. AWESOME!

OMG, my sister was telling me all this "extra" shit in Lost too. I was like "are you fucking KIDDING me?!?!?" I was amazed at what we haven't gotten. But also happy to know the extra info, lol.

Renfield said...

Well????? C'mon and share the LOST stuff I might have missed already!!! Maybe I know stuff that you don't know, too. Just THINK of the information we could pool together!! *snort*.

Alien - holy shit! Running water! YES!!! I keep picturing the scene from MONEY PIT when Shelley whatshername turns on the water for the first time and Tom Hanks ends up in a fountain. LOL!

Okay, my LOST stuff - you probably already know. Anyway, the American military guy that was in the transport truck talking to Sayid - the one that asked him if he had a family and kids- he was looking at a picture. Of Kate. It was Kate's dad. Also, the week before, when Sawyer was in the diner talking to Gordie, the waitress was Kate's mom.

Please share if you have any insight as to what the symbols at the end of the countdown meant (or remember what they were other than the bird).

Mary said...

That kicks ass on the running water in the kitchen!! And a nice big sink. sweet!

I read this website for all the lost insider crap. It's a message board full of fucking fanatics, and it's NONspoiler (except for the spoiler board) so you can stay in suspense. Some of these people are freaking crazy.

mama_tulip said...

Screw it. I want the job at the office with the dead guy on the wall.


Chelle Y. said...

Go Ace!

Anonymous said...

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