Sunday, February 19, 2006


"The problem with children is that you have to put up with their parents." ~Charles DeLint

What the fuck is wrong with some parents? Seriously. When did it become OK to give birth to children, but then decide that the act of raising and disciplining them was the job of all other parents of the world? Asses.

Grace had a birthday party today for her little friend, Hayley, from daycare. It was at a bowling alley and she was so excited because she's never been bowling before. But anyway, I digress.

So we get to this party and a buttload of kids are there. I start talking to some of the moms that I know from other birthday parties throughout the years. I've always gotten along with them for the most part. We've made conversation while watching our children get high on sugary treats and pinata-induced adrenaline on more than one occasion.

So anyway, we're all in a back room of the building, set up for the party, waiting while some adults in the actual bowling area are finishing up a tournament. As 20 four-year-olds zip around the room, screaming and yelling, one mom makes a joke about heading to the bar part of the alley. I sort of chuckle thinking, "Hell yeah, sister!" but blowing it off as a pipe dream.

But about 2 minutes later, she looks at me, says, "We weren't kidding," and her and two other mothers leave their out-of-control kids in the room with us while they head over to grab a Miller Lite in the bar. What the fuck?

OK. So then it's time for the kids to actually bowl. We all head out to the lanes and Hayley's mom gets the kids split into 4 kids per alley. She puts the three "abandoned" children together (and they are known to be trouble makers when together), along with one other boy who was there with his dad. Grace is in the lane next to them with three other girls.

So Grace and her little girlfriends are bowling, having a blast, while ALL of the girls' moms (myself included) are on the lane with them, helping them, cheering them on, keeping things under control, etc.). Next to us are the three heathens and the other little boy. The little boy's dad was down on the lane too, keeping an eye on his son. Where were the moms of the three little bastards? On the next level up, drinking their booze, eating their deep friend onion rings, and gossiping.

Ya know what? I normally have no problem with that. I serve alcohol at my children's parties, so that part didn't bother me. And I know that you can't possibly watch your child every minute at a birthday party. And if your children are behaving, there's no reason why you can't let them do their thing while you enjoy your "adult time". But when your children are literally wrestling in the lane, down on the floor with each other in headlocks, perhaps (and this is just a suggestion), you can do more than look down from your perch and say, "Stop it Danny," before going back to drinking and shoving food down your throat. Because you know what? Danny didn't stop. And neither did Tyler or Trevor. And yet, you don't even have the common courtesy to pretend you care, by at least telling them to "stop it" for a second time from your seat.

So consider this an open letter to the three of you... The next time your pain in the ass child steals my daughter's bowling ball repeatedly, or runs over into our lane to act like a little shit, or decides to tackle his friend in the middle of the alley, I will take it upon myself to discipline him. You know, since you obviously can't be bothered.


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

I hate that! We have a neighbor who constantly sneaks away when a few of us are standing around, leaving us with his PITA out of control kid. Hmm...I think I know why these kids are out of control!

Kick some ass, Alien!

EE said...

My stupid SIL is EXACTLY the mom you just described. It drives me insane. I can't stand that about her. GRRRRR......

mama_tulip said...

Yeah, that's not cool. I don't get how some moms can be so out of it in situations like that.

Melissa said...

Losers. I feel sorry for their kids.

Slacker Mom said...

I hate that!!

I always seem to be the one to step up too (being a former teacher), because it's not fair to any of the children, even the misbehaving one.

I actually had to watch a 3 year old in the bathroom by herself at a movie thaeter at NIGHT. The Dad went into the boys room by himself, leaving her on her own.


Kim said...

I've actually had to discipline my cousin's little girl for her own safety. We were at a picnic and there were cars around and she was practically playing in the street. Where was my cousin? Nowhere to be found. WTF? AND as if that wasn't bad enough, my other cousin (her aunt) had to tell her "no" several times that day too. I HATE that. It's actually one of my biggest pet peeves. If someone else had to discipline Kyra besides me or a teacher at school, I'd be so embarrassed.

I agree! Go kick some ass!

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