Friday, February 24, 2006


1. Unclogging the vacuum cleaner. I realize that doesn't sound like something that would make a person smile, but I found intense pleasure in jamming that coat hanger into the vacuum hose repeatedly and pulling out all that cat hair.

2. Accidentally knocking Grace flat on her ass when we were dancing around like idiots and I hip-checked her in an attempt to do "The Bump." Uh, sorry, Hon. Mama's got junk in her trunk.

3. Hannah dancing buck naked and moving her body in ways that only a paid professional should be able to do.

4. Grace getting seriously upset when she and Hannah were topless and she discovered that "Hannah's boobies are bigger."... [whining] "Why are Hannah's boobies bigger? I'm the big sister!" Kid, you've got a long, long road ahead of you. Just ask Emily. :)

5. The following conversations with Grace:

Conversation #1

Me: "Grace, I wish I could poop. My belly hurts."

Grace: "Why can't you poop?"

Me: "I dunno. It won't come out."

Grace: "Hmmm... Maybe it's clobbed like the vacuum." (She meant clogged.")

Conversation #2

I yelled at Grace for something. I don't even remember what anymore, but I kept telling her not to do something, and she kept doing it. She got pissed, grabbed a card she made me yesterday (a picture she drew of her and I), and stomped into the other room. About a minute later, she came stomping back in and thrust the card in my face...

Grace: "Here! Now there's an angry face on you!" (She had drawn over my face on the card and made it look mad.)

Me: "What's that for?"

Grace (in a totally pissed off tone): "Because you don't love me anymore!" (She stomped away, to drown her sorrows in her sippy cup of milk.)

6. Belting out "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor when it came on the radio.

7. The look Grace gave me when I was belting out "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor when it came on the radio.

8. Various Capital One commercials. "What's in your wallet?" They seriously make me piss myself laughing.


Dreamer.... said...

Very good! Look at this link please!

EE said...

Ooooooooo, I love unclogging my vaccuum! It's the little things you

So LMAO at Hannah dancing around

And I just heart Grace. Everything about her. She rocks.

Melissa said...

You're such a cool (freaky) mom.

Veronica said...

The boobie conversation made me giggle. We've had that one here before too. Don't you just love listening to their conversations? Priceless.

Scully said...

Ah sibling anatomy comparisons... I too have been faced with the question of why one boys penis was bigger than the others. SIGH. These are questions for your father.. go find Daddy!

BTW I love using the vaccuum once it has a new bag in it for some odd reason, its so much better!