Sunday, November 27, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Sunday 11.27.2005)

1. Had Grace & Steve wake me up at 6:00 this morning. [grumble grumble]

2. Said goodbye to Steve who was heading out to climb a mountain and look for animals. Or something like that... I don't ask anymore.

3. Got myself and the girls dressed and headed for WalMart at 8:00 this morning, figuring I'd go while all the "good people" were in church.

4. Had my normally well-behaved Hannah act like a child possessed by the devil himself.

5. Managed to refrain from leaving her there when she ran behind the checkout counter as I was paying.

6. Had two girls throw holy tantrums when I said that due to their behavior, no, they absolutely could not ride the Tigger boat ride on our way out.

7. Decided that also taking away their promised McDonald's breakfast would be a bit too harsh as punishment. (But only because I was seriously craving a bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit. Yes, I'm weak.)

8. Came home and actually had a fairly good day after I was done steaming at how they had acted in public.

9. Plugged our inflatable snowman into the new timer I had bought at WalMart that morning, therefore eliminating the risk I was taking of being mauled every night when I went into our pitch black front yard to unplug it. Hey, eight bucks is a small price to pay for my safety.

10. Grudgingly threw away our TV remote and replaced it with a new one. It was a good 5 years, my friend. But having to hold your batteries in with packing tape and needing to push up in exactly the right spot every time we wanted to use you so that the batteries were touching the right way was getting a bit... well... annoying. RIP my little buddy. Steve and I both fought long and hard for you, but I'm afraid we've lost the battle.

11. Took the girls to a cool Christmas lights display at a park down the street from us tonight. Both of them loved it, and Hannah especially had a blast.

12. Was glad to see there were no goose shootings while we were there. (Yes, it's that park.)

13. Accidentally stole an iced tea from the refreshment stand while we were there, but I didn't realize it until later.

14. Ordered a Bunn coffee maker today under the ruse that it's Steve's birthday gift. Truth is, I want it and couldn't justify the price to myself otherwise. I suck. (Or I rock depending on how you look at it.)

15. Watched Steve open and drink our last can of beer, and when I went downstairs to tap myself one from the keg, I had it kick after only spitting out half a cup. ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. Cursed Pennsylvania for only selling beer in official "beer stores" and only on certain days and at certain times. [sigh]


Kim said...

Hooray for the timer! LOL! Now we know you're safe and sound. ;)

EE said...

Your tossed remote sounds like our phone but I don't want to cough up the money to get a new one. LOL

I have timers on all our xmas lights (inside and outside) as well as several of our lamps in our house. I am a timer junkie, LMAO! You'll love having it. :)

EE said...

Hey! I just did a double take. I recognize that coat on Hannah (and I think the hat too)! I was wondering the other day if you got everything ok. LOL She looks great in pink. I *loved* that coat. :)

Alien said...

LOL! Yes EE, that's the coat and the hat. :)

I thought I emailed you and told you I got them. Crap. Apparently I didn't. I suck. I'm soooo sorry! [blush] THANK YOU! LMAO!

EE said...

I don't *think* you did??? But umm, you know my history of reading my emails late at night and then not remembering about them. [blush] LOL!

EE said...

Ok, I just went a looked through my email, and no, you didn't. LOL. No biggie. I'm glad you got it and that Hannah looks so cute in it! :)

Anonymous said...

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