Sunday, November 06, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Sunday 11.6.2005)

1) Woke up to two pleasant children. Always a good thing.

2) Grace called my mother-in-law at 9:00 this morning, asking to come over. Mother-in-law says, "Sure! I just have to shower and get dressed and I'll come pick you up."

3) I put off doing everything (showering, washing dishes, etc.) until Grace gets picked up.

4) Two hours later, still waiting for mother-in-law, still unshowered, still have a ton to do.

5) Finally mother-in-law picks up Grace who was ready to walk to her house herself if she had to.

6) Showered and took Hannah outside where we had a fantastic time playing on the swingset, blowing bubbles, and yelling "Booyah!" as loud as we could for no apparent reason.

7) Had an excuse to come inside when Hannah dumped an entire bottle of bubbles on her overalls.

8) Checked mail I forgot to get yesterday and discovered my archive CD from Ofoto had arrived.

9) Deleted 3,000 pictures off of my hard drive, freeing up a ton of space on my ancient, piece of shit computer.

10) Started some online Christmas shopping while Hannah was napping. I didn't actually order anything yet, but I picked out a hell of a lot of stuff.

11) Picked up Grace from my mother-in-law's around dinner time only to discover that at some point of the day, my child was posessed by the devil. Seriously, if flames would've come shooting out of her eyes, I don't think it would've phased me.

12) Did the whole, "Go to your room!" routine, making me feel like my mother (and incredibly guilty).

13) Let her come back downstairs about 45 seconds after I sent her up. I'm such a wuss.

14) In looking at the Leaps and Bounds toy catalog we got in the mail over the weekend, Grace has chosen her gift she wants from Santa. She chose a shower. Of allllll the toys and cool stuff in the catalog, she chooses a shower. Something is seriously wrong with that child of mine...

15) Laughed my ass off when I noticed she also circled the Time Out Dog. (I laughed and asked her if she wanted it because she planned on being in time out a lot. Without hesitation, she looks right at me and says (Complete with eye roll), "Nooo. I want it for Hannah Marie!"

16) Just discovered a few more pieces of chocolate in the trick-or-treating loot. Life is good.

17) I didn't miss "Grey's Anatomy" this week. Yahoo!

18) I have to post this and then go work for a few hours. [sigh]

19) I never did wash those dishes... Crap.

20) Received an email from a guy I used to work with a few years ago before he left to work for another company. We were really good friends back in the day. (No, not that kind of friend, ya pervs.) But we lost touch after I got married, he left the company, etc. Turns out he now lives about 30 minutes from me (as opposed to the 90 minutes away he used to), in the same town my girls go to daycare! Looks like I need to be setting up some lunch dates. YAHOO!


mama_tulip said...

My MIL does that too. Her idea of coming right over is showering, stopping at the bank, dropping off movies at the video store, getting an oil, lube and filter done and stopping at the bakery for fresh Italian bread. Uh, thanks.

Janet said...

I love that shower! It looks adorable!

I need to get on that Ofoto CD! That is very smart!

Emily said... I on crack or is your blog all funky with the side links WAY at the bottom? LOL

Is the 'friend' hot? lol

EE said...

LMAO, Emily, I was going to mention that to Alien too. Umm, Alien, fix that would you, it's super annoying. ;)

And once again, reason #800,000 why YOUR husband is much cooler than mine. I would have to LIE to go on ANY lunch date w/ a matter WHO it was. LOL. Lucky you.... ;)

Alien said...

LOL. Hmm... deleted the pictures and the links are back in the right place. Freakin' weird.

And EE, I haven't told him yet (LOL!), but he won't care. Hell, knowing him, he'll hope I do something wrong! (I'm kidding.)

Alien said...

Oh, and Emily, he's definitely a good looking guy. Some chicks, I'm sure, would think he's hot, but I'll give him "handsome". LOL!

He's Indian and his name is Shera. Would you like me to introduce the two of you? LOL! ;)

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