Thursday, November 03, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Thursday 10.03.2005)

1) Had Steve wake me up early so I could get the girls ready for "Picture Day" at school.

2) Managed to get them dressed with little incident.

3) Immediately showered so I could leave for work. (I hate having to jump right in the shower in the morning. I really need a few cups of coffee first.)

4) Pulled out of the driveway and decided to turn right instead of left, and head to WalMart for an oil change before heading into the office. (Procrastination is my middle name, my friends.)

5) Sat in the little waiting area at WalMart, reading my new book and drinking my coffee. Pure heaven, I tell ya.

** Forgot to mention that while sitting there, after being in public for about 20 minutes, I realized the transparent size tag was still stuck on the back of my leg on my jeans. [sigh] Nonchalantly peeled it off and threw it away.

6) Was kind of pissed when they finished with my car. Just one more chapter...

7) Got whistled at by one of the mechanics as I was walking out. I'm sure it was the big, fat, greasy haired guy who looked about 60, but I'll take it. It's nice to know I'm still "whistle worthy". (Although in my town, I assure you that that's not really saying much...)

8) Spent the commute to work trying to convince myself it was that fairly hot young one with a goatee and earrings that whistled. Yeah... um, that's it....

9) Actually got work done at work. (Imagine that.)

10) Ran out at lunchtime to return a sweater to Gymboree, and while there, grabbed the girls ivory tights for their Christmas portraits on Monday (for which I am still not prepared).

11) Went to my favorite lunch place, where I couldn't help but laugh silently (yet again) to myself since this place truly is the salad's version of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld.

12) When the nice man ringing me out asked me if I wanted utensils (I was getting it to go), I said (dead seriously), "Nah. I'm going to just eat it with my face."

13) This prompted a hilarious 5-minute verbal exchange that probably no one else thought was funny except the two of us.

14) Ended the delightful conversation with him asking me if I wanted napkins, and I said, "Yes. Especially since I'm eating it with my face."

15) In light of the aforementioned conversation, decided I really need to get out more.

16) Partied like a frat boy in my car when I heard "Joy and Pain" on the way home.... "Joy! (Pump it up! Pump it up!)... And pain... Like sunshine.... And rain...."

17) Remembered that I hate frat boys and toned it down a bit.

18) Flipped three people off while driving. I hate that commute!

19) Was annoyed that by the time I got home, it was already dark. Dark = tired in Allison's World.

20) Went to pick the girls up at my mom's house, where I was greeted by my four year old, who has lost her first tooth. [sigh]

21) Was too swept up in her excitement to feel sad, so I celebrated with her.

22) Glowed when we got home and Steve was more excited and sentimental about it than even I was. I sometimes forget that she's his little girl too. [big sentimental sigh]

23) Was thrilled when the long-winded loser was fired on "The Apprentice."

24) Was pissed when one of my favorites was voted off of "Survivor." Stupid jackasses...

25) Realized, while I'm sitting here typing this, that if I don't go do the whole tooth fairy gig like right now, I'm totally going to forget to do it, and well, that would kind of suck.

26) Am wrestling with how much money the tooth fairy should leave. I mean, she is only 4. And whatever I give her tonight, she's going to expect every time, so that whole "More for the First Tooth" idea is out of the question. Hmmmm....


EE said...

Being whistle worthy can really make a gal's day!

Dark= tired in EE's world too, dang daylight savings.

That's so sweet Steve was all sentimental about Grace's tooth. Awwwwwwwww. :)

mama_tulip said...


Kelly said...

I might come to your town just so I can wistled at. Haven't been wistled at in a long time. LOL.

Ralph is way more sentimental about stuff like that. He even came up with this chant that we have to say when we carve a pumpkin. Told me to write it down and save it for next year so I will remember it.

So how much did the tooth fairy bring?????

Emily said...

[long, low whistle at previous commenter] Hey, you doin'?

Yay Gracie, ya big girl...(sigh) so not ready for our boogers to be so flipping big....

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