Monday, November 21, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Monday 11.21.2005)

1. Woke up way earlier than I wanted to. Remember the days we could sleep in until like... nine? Ahhhh....

2. Plopped the girls in front of morning TV, chugged my coffee, and started obsessively checking websites again for Christmas shopping purposes.

3. Finally opened the package I received in the mail on Saturday, but didn't get a chance to open until today. Since I knew they were hand-me-down snow boots from my kick ass friend, and it hasn't snowed yet, I wasn't in a big rush.

4. Listening to Grace whimper and cry and ask why Hannah always gets the packages and she doesn't. (Huh?)

5. Was thrilled to open the box and find, in addition to the boots, 2 adorable little panda bear purses.

6. My pleasure turned to frustration a few minutes later when I had to listen to Grace whine for an hour that we simply had to go shopping somewhere now that she had a purse and a handful of change in it.

7. Realized I needed a loaf of bread and apple juice for the girls' daycare T-Day parties tomorrow anyway, so I humored her and took them "shopping".

8. Was giddy with excitement when I finally clicked the Order button on the website, thereby placing my one order for over 85% of my Christmas shopping.

9. Half chuckled to myself when the girls begged me to give them a bath and I kept saying that no they didn't need one, until I finally gave in and washed 'em up. I despise giving them a bath. Stupid motherly duties... ;)

10. Watched in disbelief and awe when Grace devoured NINE chicken nuggets for dinner tonight. NINE! She's only four for the love of god. I can't eat 4 or 5 without being full. How the hell did the child eat nine? [shaking head]

11. Watched her sister sitting next to her eat a whopping 5 Golden Grahams. With milk though, so I guess it could be worse. [sigh]

12. Found a better deal on one of the girls' Christmas gifts and ordered it a second time from another site.

13. Was pleased as shit when I found out I could cancel those items on my first order through Amazon, as long as they hadn't shipped yet. Yay for Amazon!

14. Speaking of shit... GODDAMN CAT!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

15. In spite of Carpet Fresh-ing, scrubbing, and vacuuming no less than three times in the upstairs room where Salinger was gated (thankfully before starting his bout with diarrhea), I couldn't get the smell out of the air. Son of a b*tch...

16. Had to take a freakin' oil lamp upstairs and try to use it to check for cat crap in the laundry room, where my darling husband has still not changed the lightbulb.

17. Felt sorry for the poor guy despite the mess he made. Poor thing is hurting.

18. Decided to try a new vet tomorrow. Maybe a fresh set of eyes will help.

19. Confirmed my decision when Steve informed me that he's talked to two people who swear our current vet is the reason their pets died. (LOL! Not so sure about that one...)

20. Steve got home from the first day of bear season and I had to listen to him talk to me for an hour about his bear sighting today. Dude, until you learn to tell a story in under an hour and without branching off into 10 different other stories, I've got nothing to say to you. Sorry.

21. Just realized our stupid inflatibe snowman needs to be unplugged again. And everyone else is sleeping. And it's pouring down rain right now. Stupid, stupid inflatible decoration sale!


Alien said...

And before all of you roll your eyes and ask yourselves why the HELL don't I change the laundry room lightbulb myself, it's because it has a glass "shade" over it that's screwed in. Not only do I need a ladder to reach the stupid thing, but Steve takes our only screwdriver to work with him everyday, so it's easier just to wait for Steve to do it.

Janet said...

I can't believe you are so close to being done Christmas shopping! I am so jealous!

Eric goes on and on and on about his hunting and guy stories. It kills me to stand there and smile and give him the attention he needs. Just say it already!

One of our dogs peed on my living room carpet runner last night. I have soaked it 4 times in the bathtub and it still has urine coming out! How much can one animal pee?

Alien said...

I've NEVER been done with Christmas shopping this early before. Usually I have to spread it out over 3 or 4 paychecks, and still need stuff on Xmas Eve. I'm just lucky that with my new gig, I had managed to save enough to just get everything and be done with it in one shot.

By Wednesday, I'll have everyone done except my FIL, one nephew, step-FIL, and my BIL. And those are all Steve's territory. ;)

I didn't know Eric hunted. Truth is, I don't mind hunting stories in general. But ANY story Steve ever tells takes HOURS. Literally. He adds details that NO ONE cares about/understands/wants to know. I interrupted him three times and told him that they're better be a damn good reason he didn't shoot the bear he was rambling on about. Turns out his gun's bipod slipped off the rock it was resting on right when he was about to pull the trigger. Sucks to be him, huh? LOL!

Damn animals... LOL!

Janet said...

Yeah, Eric hunts. My favorite story, that I love to harass him about, was from 7-8 years ago. He came him with a deer and an elk. We lived in major suburbia. The idiot goes out front in the driveway to clean the animals! He said it had the best drainage! I had neighbors calling me within five minutes asking what he was doing. I just don't know sometimes:-)

EE said...

That "room" Salinger is gated in, isn't the one right near your bedroom?! I guess this is yet another moment where you are happy as all get out that you sleep w/ Grace, eh? LMAO.

I have nothing more to say about your Christmas shopping agenda. It's shocking and really stressing me

Alien said...

LMAO! OMG Janet, Steve would sooo do something like that. Idiots I tell ya! Every last one of 'em.

(I am happy to report though that all animal gutting and cleaning is done at my FIL's house in his garage. Miles from here. Where I don't have to watch it, smell it, and hear the tale of how the animal was killed over, and over, and over again.

Alien said...

Why yes, EE. It is indeed the room down the hall from our doorless bedroom. Mwaaahaaahaaa! (((Steve)))

EE said...

LMAO (((Steve))) who sleeps on a cat pissed on mattress next to the stinky ass room while you are snuggled up next to a warm child, in a room waaaaaaaaaaaay down the hall.


Alien said...

Whose the smart one now, huh? *Snort!*

Janet said...

(((Steve))) He is sooooo patient.

EE said...

Oh, no, I've never had any doubt it was you. *snort*

Alien said...

LOL Janet! No he's not. He's just in an exceptionally good mood today/this week because it's hunting season (which he pretty much lives for ALL year long). And I assure you, he has threatened the cat's lives on more than one occasion. PIMP!

Janet said...

Eric would divorce me if I didn't sleep in bed with him every night. He would get so incredibly pouty, I could not even begin to explain it!

Alien said...

Ohhhh Janet! I thought you meant b/c of the cats. ROFL!

Nah. Our bed is only a full size bed, so he sleeps much better if he's alone in it. And we still perform our husband and wife "duties", so it's no big deal really. He sleeps better... I sleep better... Grace sleeps better. Right now, that's all that matters. One day we'll sleep in the same bed again, but I'm afraid it won't be until we get a bigger bed and Steve stops setting his alarm for 4:30 AM. LOL!

Janet said...

LMAO! I did not mean the cats!

I completely understand your reasoning. It makes sense to me. My big baby of a hubby would not understand it:-)

Kimmykay said...

I hate bath time. It used to be Jeff's job and somehow they want baths when he isn't here. Crap.

We are taking our cats in to be fixed next week. Jeff would ask you who your vet is and can we go there (he jokes about not liking the pets we have... well, we are not dog people and found out after someone gave Andrew a dog).

mama_tulip said...

I'd give my eye teeth if I could sleep in until nine.

Alien said...

LOL Kim. Well, the cat's at the vet, but I have to go pick him up tomorrow because of the holiday. Dammit. [sigh]