Saturday, November 26, 2005

Highlights of the Day (11.26.2005)

1. Woke to find we were out of toilet paper.

2. Took the box of tissues into the bathroom in the meantime.

3. Showered first thing and got the girls and I dressed so Steve and I could go pick up our tile as soon as he got home from helping someone pour a floor.

4. Took the girls to my parents' house and left them with just my dad until my mom got home from her haircut appointment.

5. Was a little nervous for him since the girls' behavior can go either way.

6. Laughed when Grace told me she'd like 2 more sisters. Um yeah, kid. That, I don't think is happening.

7. Like I knew he would, Steve changed our tile order a bit and wanted different sized tiles. The guy helping us (whom I later realized was the owner's son) said, while laughing, "I knew as soon as you walked in the other day, that you were one of those "special people" that I'd always remember." Yeah. Thanks dude. LOL!

8. Told him my mom always tells me I'm special too.

9. Told him I'd be back in a few weeks to pick out our back splash tile. I'm not sure if he's really looking forward to it, or if he's dreading it.

10. Guy asked Steve if he'd pour his girlfriend's floor for the sun room she wants to put in at her house.

11. Was a little bummed to hear he has a girlfriend, even though, it really shouldn't matter to me either way.

12. Saw the blonde bitch while I was there and again, had to fight the urge to punch her in the face.

13. Left the tile place loaded up with materials and headed to a kick ass steak house for lunch.

14. Ate a fantastic fillet Mignon with garlic butter and wanted to throw up afterwards because I was so stuffed.

15. Casually mentioned another baby to Steve while at lunch, not even sure if I want another one, and realized that if I do decide I want another one, it probably wouldn't take much to convince Steve to go along with it.

16. Got home at 3:00 and immediately called my mom, and found out that Hannah hadn't napped.

17. Realized she'd probably be miserable tonight, but at the same time, figured I could put her to bed at 7:00, so it wasn't all bad.

18. Picked up the kids and brought them home to find our neighbor zooming around his yard on a 4-wheeler.

19. Laughed as Grace got about 6 rides on the thing, laughing hysterically and yelling, "Faster! Faster!" while Hannah screamed in terror every time the thing got close to her.

20. Realized my kids couldn't be more opposite if they tried.

21. Pried Grace off the thing and brought the girls inside.

22. Laughed for a good hour when after telling Hannah we'd make crafts after we cleaned up, she kept saying, "Can we make crabs now? I wanna make crabs now please!"

23. Am having anxiety attacks over picking a paint color for the walls in the kitchen now that I have to choose and get it painted this week.

24. Decided to give up all attempts to have a clean and clutter-free house until my kids have grown up and moved out.

25. Had Hannah in bed by 7:30 and Grace in bed by 8:10. I freakin' ROCK!

26. Settled in for an evening of "Moving Up," "Trading Spaces," beer, and some raw cookie dough with a good novel for during the commercials. Ahhh...


Veronica said...

So Grace wants 2 more sisters huh? Sounds like a plan to me, having 4 girls ROCKS!!! LOL!!!

Alien said...

LOL! Veronica, I actually thought about you when she said it and I did the math. ;)

I just don't think I could handle that much PMS at one time. LMAO!

EE said...

I'm excited to find out what color you decide on! :)

LOL at Hannah and her crabs. Too cute.

mama_tulip said...

Allison, is the tile in that picture the kind of tile you're getting? I can't remember if you posted a pic of it or not...but if it is, that tile is *awesome* looking. I really like that style...more 'rugged' looking as opposed to flat and smooth, like my kitchen tile is.

Alien said...

Yup Katherine. That's it exactly. It's a porcelin tile, but it's supposed to look like slate. One thing we definitely didn't want was something "smooth". We really wanted it to fit in with the age of the house and have a much more "natural" look. You can't see it in the picture, but the edges are a little bit knicked up (on purpose... LOL!) to make it look more like a tumbled stone. I LOVE it!

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