Friday, November 11, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Friday 11.11.2005)


I just typed out my entire 25 highlights and accidentally deleted it. It wasn't even blogger's fault this time. Son of a b*tch!

OK. Revised version...

1. My mom ended up staying home from work b/c she has a raging bladder/UTI infection, but had to watch the girls because of my meeting and I felt bad.

2. The commute wasn't as bad as I thought, and I got a lot accomplished today and it was nice having some adult interaction.

3. Rushed home and had exactly 2 spare minutes to fit in a quick pee before running back out the door to go pick up Grace for gymnastics.

4. Was not happy I didn't have time to change out of my "business attire."

5. Laughed when Grace yelled across the gym, in the middle of class, "Hey Mom! Are we going to Long John Silver's after this?!"

6. Was LMAO when I was talking to a mother there that I've talked to the most so far, and we discovered that her MIL used to date my FIL and that she's the one who broke up his second marriage.

7. Laughed even harder when I found out that this mom went to several holiday celebrations at my FIL's house back when her MIL and my FIL were dating.

8. Had tears running out of my eyes when the mom said that her MIL still, to this day, thinks that my FIL is/was her one true love. Um, why?

9. Left there and had to hit three seperate drive-thru's at three seperate fast food joints so everyone would be pleased with (and therefore eat) their dinners.

10. Came home and told Steve about the woman's MIL and he laughed, said he remembered the woman's son, and commented that he never could figure out what his dad ever saw in the woman.

11. At this point, was suffering from serious withdrawl at not having an internet connection the entire day.

12. Tried to coordinate children and vehicles so Steve and I can go pick our granite in the morning and then Grace and I can go to her friend's birthday party.

13. I'm still not sure exactly what is going on.

14. Just went outside to smoke a cigarette and heard footsteps in the leaves about 30 feet from me.

15. It was pitch dark, so I couldn't see exactly who/what was making the noise.

16. Starting imaging horrendous psycho serial killer scenarios.

17. High-tailed it back in the house.

18. Grabbed two beers from the case outside the door on my way back in, so I wouldn't have to unlock/open the door again tonight and be faced by the psycho serial killer.

19. Discovered one of my friends is a self-proclaimed cheater. [shaking head] What's this world coming to?


Janet said...

Oh God, I am just dying here! I will never get my reputation back! I think I will withdraw from the Secret Santa contest!

I cannot believe you go to three restaurants to make everyone happy! I thought I was a sucker. You are very nice!

Alien said...

LOL. Well, Grace and I like Long John Silver's. But I also like the curly fries from Arby's and Grace likes to dip her chicken from Long John Silver's into a cheese cup from Arby's (that's supposed to be for my curly fries).

So we went to those two places. And Hannah was crying for a cheeseburger, which neither of those places has, so we had to go to Burger King too.

The kicker was that by the time I got the cheese cups from Arby's, Grace had already eaten her chicken anyway. [sigh] LOL!

mama_tulip said...

#5 -- LMAO. I heart Grace.

And the footsteps? Creeeeepy. Did you find out who it was?

EE said...

You seriously are killing me w/ the whole LJS thing, talking about how *good* their chicken is, etc. I'm dying to try it. LOL

And I second Katherine, did you ever figure out what the noise was? I hate when I'm the only one up or home alone and that stuff happens. Eery....

Melissa said...

So, while running back inside to get away from a serial killer, you wasted precious moments getting beer? LMAO.

Alien said...

Yes Melissa. I did. LOL!

And no I don't know what the noise was. Most likely a stray cat or a skunk. =)

Anonymous said...

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