Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Tuesday 11.22.2005)

1. Woke up on time (amazing considering Steve usually wakes me up and he had already left for hunting) using an alarm and got the girls ready for daycare on time.

2. Panicked when I saw my pack of cigarettes sitting on a shelf, in plain view, and tried to nonchalantly stand in front of it while my parents were here picking up the girls this morning, praying to god they didn't see it.

3. Lit one up and had me a good morning smoke as soon as they pulled out of the driveway.

4. Put off going upstairs to check on Salinger. One, because the smell of cat diarrhea was overwhelming up there. And two, because I was afraid he was dead.

5. Called a new vet to see if I could bring him in and was told she isn't accepting new patients.

6. Called the old "animal killer" vet (LOL!) and told them I was bringing him in so they could check him out and get a urine sample.

7. Finished reading my book.

8. Took the cat to the vet to drop him off, where I was told that the smell eminating off of him "smells more like anal gland fluid than regular cat poop." OK lady. First of all, that is way more than I needed to know. And second of all, ewwwwww!

9. Bought a can of super industrial strength cat shit odor remover while I was there.

10. Laughed when the FedEx guy pulled in and dropped off a dog that had been running in the street and jumped in his truck. Yay for the nice FedEx guy. (Who was freakin' HOT I might add!)

11. Came home and scrubbed cat crap out of my carpet upstairs. [sigh]

12. Managed to sneak in a few hours of actual work.

13. Called the OB/GYN to confirm that I do indeed have an appointment for a pap smear tomorrow morning that I apparently scheduled a year ago and have written in my planner.

14. Was told that yes, I do have an appointment. Um, don't you think they should have been calling me to confirm? I mean, do they really think people are going to remember appointments they scheduled a year before? Losers.

15. Watched the first snow flurries of the season start falling around 5 PM tonight. Yay. Not.

16. Got a phone call from Steve saying he definitely hit a bear today, but he doesn't know if he killed the bear. And that he and his dad are going to go scout for it tomorrow to see if they can find it.

17. Got increasingly annoyed at Steve this evening when he talked on the phone for THREE hours straight with all of his hunting buddies. Some of them several times. Because you know, once you hang up with one, you have to call the other three to tell them what the first one said. And then you have call the first one back to tell them what the other three said. I swear to god, he was like a freakin' woman tonight.

18. Managed to somehow miraculously have both girls sleeping by the time "Amazing Race" started at 9:00.

19. However, I'm a bit concerned that Grace fell asleep before I made her go to the potty, which means I could very well get a little midnight bath in bed tonight. [sigh]

20. Have continued finding kick ass deals online in terms of shopping and I really must stop now. No really. I must.

21. Am happy to report I never plugged in the big ass snowman tonight, so I don't have to go outside and risk getting mauled to unplug it.


jeanne_bean said...

Are you still using the patch? I can't use any hormonal BC any more following my "stroke".

mama_tulip said...

"Anal gland fluid"? God. That's worse than "oily discharge".

Kim said...

LOL! I still wake Kyra up if she falls asleep to pee. She's half ass asleep on the toilet, but she goes.

I hope you didn't have a midnight bath. ;)

Anonymous said...

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