Thursday, November 10, 2005

Highlights of the Day (11.10.2005)

1) Was running a bit late this morning and had to practically throw clothing on Grace and Hannah before my mom showed up to pick them up for daycare.

2) Made arrangements to send the girls to daycare tomorrow, so I can go to this stupid friggin' meeting in god-forsaken New Jersey. [sigh]

3) Realized that showing up at a well-known client's office wearing my low-rise bootcut jeans and an Old Navy tee may be frowned upon.

4) Went and forked out money for black dress pants, black heeled boots, and a pink sweater twin set to wear tomorrow. I swear to god, the outfit is soooo NOT me it's funny.

5) Paid for the items knowing I'd probably never wear any of them again after tomorrow (except for maybe the boots).

6) The electrician showed up and is now done until after the cabinets are installed. Hallelujah!

7) Made appointments for the girls to get their flu shots next week. Fun.

8) Remembered Grace has gymnastics tomorrow evening and I have no CLUE if I'll be home from New Jersey in time to take her or not. I should really make other arrangements I suppose.

9) Tried my new outfit on when I got home and couldn't decide if I looked hot, ridiculous, or both.

10) Cannot figure out for the life of me, how it is that Steve just went shopping three days ago, and yet, I swear there's nothing to eat in the house. (Well, that I like to eat anyway.)

11) Am finding myself excited about Christmas this year now that I'll actually have some money to buy some gifts.

12) Called the kitchen guy and told him cabinet installation for next week is out. But that we're aiming for the week after Thanksgiving. He said that would make our countertop installation be the second week in December. O...M...G! It may really happen!

13) Was pleasantly surprised when my mom told me the daycare director said I don't have to pay to send the girls tomorrow even though it's not a day they normally go. He's usually a money-grubbing bastard. LOL!

14) They moved my meeting until 10:00 instead of 9:30. That's great for my morning commute, but it probably means I'll be there later and have to drive home in Friday evening traffic. This BLOWS!!!!

15) Had Burger King chicken fries for lunch. It's been awhile and they're all I remember and more.

16) Started having a killer backache and pain in my legs after dinner and am praying it's just my arthritis and that I'm not getting sick or that I don't have cancer or something.

17) At one point, thought my vision was getting blurry and had flashbacks to my iritis episode when I was pregnant with Grace where I couldn't see or drive for months.

18) Then I remembered that when I was outside starting sausage on the grill, it was windy and when I sprayed the grill with PAM, some of it blew back in my face. Um yeah, my "blurry vision" was just some smeary PAM on my glasses. I'm smart like that.

19) Managed to pack the girls' lunches for tomorrow and get all of their clothing laid out to save myself time in the morning, since I have to leave practically immediately after they do. This is a huge feat for me. Trust me on this one.

20) Wondered if the writers for the show "Lost" actually know what's going to happen and what's going on on that island, or if they're just making it up as they go.

21) Decided I'd be pissed if I was an actor on that show and they killed me off.

22) Ate a quarter of a jar of Nutella while watching Survivor. Health food ROCKS!

23) Received my Secret Santa email for my mom's board and am excited to buy for her. :)


EE said...

I am *dying* about the "pink twinset", I know you can pull it off and I'm sure that you look hot and not ridiculous, but your description makes me LOL.

And, the PAM thing....blurry vision....niiiiiiiiiiice. LMAO. ;)

GL at your meeting today~!

mama_tulip said...

Allison -- exercise, pink twinsets, packing lunches and laying out clothes...what the hell are you doing to me?

Janet said...

You are turning into me;-)

I will take your pink clothes and black pants when you are done with them.

Yahoo on the kitchen! You must be getting so excited!

Can we tell who are Secret Santa's are???

Kelly said...

No!! Janet don't tell. It must remain a secret. You can not discuss your SS with anyone. Do you understand?
LOL. I'm serious.

Melissa said...

Janet, um, what don't you understand about the word 'secret?' LMAO.

Janet said...

I was KIDDING! Completely 100% kidding!!!!!!

Alien said...

Katherine, actually it was more fuscia than pink.

And Janet, for the LOVE of god.... LOL!

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