Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Wednesday 11.02.2005)

1) Woke up and sent both children off to daycare. Yeehaw!

2) Decided I'd ditch my planned trip to the office today and reschedule it for tomorrow instead, when I'll probably feel even less like going, but won't have a choice.

3) Sat down and wrote up a To Do list for the day, which sent me into a complete panic attack when I looked at all 18 rather large things I needed to get done today.

4) Found out Grace was invited to another birthday party for a daycare friend next weekend. Ugh. Enough with the birthday parties already, okay kids? This mom detests children's birthday parties...

5) Ate garlic pizza at 10:30 this morning because I was hungry. (I need help.)

6) Forced myself to drive the 30 miles to the tile place to get some samples for our kitchen floor.

7) Almost decked the lady who "helped" me there because although she tried to come across as "nice," she actually seemed rather snooty and I was this close to just throttling her and running. I soooo could've taken that bitch in her little striped button-down shirt.

8) After leaving, realized that perhaps she wasn't so much a bitch, as that she didn't appreciate my charming wit.

9) Nah. Definitely a bitch.

10) Drove back home to find my GAP order had arrived. YEEHAW! The jeans and corduroys fit!

11) Called and made an appointment for the girls' Christmas portraits. Hung up and started panicking because the appointment is for this Monday and I'm so not ready for them yet.

12) I can't say anymore about this until tomorrow night, but the mailman was very, very close to catching me topless, with an earring taped on my face, and drawing things on my chest with magic marker. (I swear, tomorrow night this will make more sense.)

13) Received my Amazon book order. YAHOO! Three new books to dive into baby!

14) Laughed my ass off when I received part of my Ofoto (or Kodak Gallery or whatever the hell they're called these days) and saw that I accidentally ordered 13 of the print of Hannah from the Halloween parade, and not 3 like I had wanted. Um, I guess 12 people will be receiving them in their Christmas cards.

15) Talked to our kitchen guy and he said he has us penciled in for cabinet installation on November 16, 17, and 18th and wanted to know if that was going to work.

16) I told him yes, but only if Hell froze over before then.

17) Moved it to the week after Thanksgiving for now.

18) Had a "discussion" with Steve about getting everything ready for the install by then. Surprisingly, we didn't argue, but I made it very clear that I'm extremely frustrated and annoyed that his hobby of hunting may be what separates me from a kitchen by Christmas.

19) Ran to WalMart for milk and tampons (since the 10 I bought for $8.00 at the gas station yesterday are now gone), and somehow managed to spend $70 because I found the cutest little ponchos for the girls to wear for their school pictures at daycare tomorrow, along with a bunch of other crap.

20) Returned the Shoes from Hell to PayLess, and bought the girls black shoes for their Christmas portraits on Monday, and myself some kick ass tan suede boots. I'm so fucking cool. (Not really, but we're pretending tonight.)

21) Went to my parents' house to retrieve two of the whiniest children I've ever encountered in my life.

22) Didn't know whether to laugh or yell when Grace had Hannah crying hysterically in the car on the way home because she kept telling Hannah she's not invited to her birthday party next year.

23) Actually did laugh when Hannah finally got pissy and said, "FINE! Then I'll have my own party and you can't come!"

24) Wanted to throttle both children at various times throughout the evening, but just drank beer instead.

25) Watched the girls take 3 boxes (from all my recent shipments) and turn them into a robot head and two beds, which entertained them for hours. God bless cardboard is all I have to say.

26) Became extremely annoyed at Steve when I came down from putting Hannah to bed to discover that he had turned on (for Grace) the "Dinosaurs" movie they were showing on the Disney channel, that had just started at 8:00 and was two hours long. Especially since we had seen a commercial for it earlier today (without Grace in the room), and I had said, OUT LOUD to him, "Crap. I don't want Grace to know that's on. She has to go to bed soon." What... the... freakin'... hell, Dude? Are you stupid, deaf, or both? Because whichever it is, I'm pissed.

27) Watched a psychotic woman freak out on "Wife Swap".

28) Decided I don't want to go to bed, because if I go to bed, tomorrow will come quicker and I am sooooo dreading tomorrow.


Veronica said...

LOL at your #22. The older girls do that to Sierra ALL the freakin time.

Janet said...

The birthday parties get better when the kids are old enough to drop off. At 4, they do stink.

#12, I hope and pray that was not me you were dressing up as! I am a little nervous for the contest tomorrow!

Alien said...

LOL! Do you often have colorful drawings on your chest that the rest of us aren't aware of? LOL!

Janet said...

No, but, who knows what it could have been! I can't imagine anyone on the board that has drawings on their chest. LOL

Melissa said...

I'm just excited that we get to see your chest tomorrow.

Janet said...

That was my other thought but, I didn't say it;-)

Alien said...

OMG! After I emailed it to Kap, I noticed you can see some parts you shouldn't really be seeing. I pointed it out to her, but knowing her, she'll leave it there. Of course, if I hadn't just told you about it, you probably wouldn't have noticed it, but... um... yeah.

(And what makes you think me being topless and drawing on myself was for the contest? Maybe I just do that stuff for fun. LOL!)

Melissa said...

I don't think I'll be able to sleep now.

mama_tulip said...

Re: #19. I can NEVER go to WalMart and spend less than $50. I just don't even try anymore.

EE said...

#22- Calista does that to Haley ALL THE FLIPPIN time and it drives me insane. OR reversed, Haley will SAY it's HIS birthday and then Calista will get in a 15 min argument w/ him over the fact that it's not. Hey, *you* know it's not, *I* know it's not, *why* argue with him about it?!

Emily said...

S&S try to uninvite each other to their birthday parties all the freaking time....yea, ain't happening. lol

Tomorrow is today!! Yay, Alien's chest day!!!

Carrie said...

Well then, I guess I can get at least one right tomorrow then! (in my best neener-neener voice) I know who you're dressing up as!

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