Thursday, December 01, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Thursday 12.1.2005)

1. Cannot believe it is December 1st already. Dear lord...

2. Sent the girls off to daycare with Hannah in tears because I hadn't let her put her own coat on. Sorry kid, Grandma's in a hurry.

3. Chugged coffee like it was my job.

4. Got a call at 8:00 AM saying Salinger had given them the urine sample they needed and I could come pick him up. [heavy sigh]

5. Showered and got dressed. (Yay me!)

6. Got a call from Steve at 8:05 AM saying he had just shot a bear 685 yards away and he was sure he got it and he was sure it was dead and he was sure it was his this time.

7. Panicked knowing he's always said that the first bear he ever shot would be a full mount. Yup. A big stuffed dead bear in my living room. I can hardly wait...

8. Ran to WalMart to buy primer, paint rollers, paint trays, and a bunch of stuff I need to make some of my Christmas gifts.

9. Saw a girl I know and ducked down an aisle so she wouldn't see me because I was just not in the mood to "catch up."

10. Went and picked up my big, fat cat and listened to him do that horrible cat whine all the way home.

11. Finally put away three mounds of laundry that's been sitting in baskets for a good two weeks now.

12. Well, most of it... [blush]

13. Started working on my MIL's birthday gift for next week, and I must say, it's turning out really nice.

14. Greeted Steve outside when he pulled in to show me his kill. Took about 8 billion pictures while we waited for my mom to bring the girls home. (Because god forbid our 2 and 4-year-old don't see the carcass of the dead animal you shot today.)

15. Hannah wasn't too pleased with the trophy and Grace didn't want to pose in a picture with it.

16. Bribed Grace with the promise of a present to get in a picture with Daddy since I knew how much it meant to Steve. (And before anyone flames me, she wasn't afraid of it AT ALL. She was just cranky.)

17. Sent Steve off again with his dead animal and corralled the girls inside where Grace promptly reminded me I owed her a present.

18. Gave her one of her Christmas presents (a DVD) in the hopes both girls would sit and watch it, therefore giving me at least an hour of uninterrupted time to get some stuff done.

19. It didn't work.

20. Freaked out at the girls in a way I've never freaked out before. I had seriously reached my breaking point and just couldn't mentally handle it anymore.

21. Walked outside after the "incident" and literally chugged an entire beer to calm down before walking back in the house.

22. Managed to keep myself under control the rest of the night (for the most part).

23. Decided that the chairs in the board room on Apprentice are fugly.

24. Figured out what Steve's Christmas gift will be and have it in the works. YEEHAW!

[And while we're here, I'm tagging Denise with those questions from the other day. Go girl!]


Melissa said...

#20. I had one of those days too. Hoping for a better tomorrow!

Alien said...

Ugh. Seriously. I knew they were both tired, and that's partially why they were acting the way they were. But I just couldn't deal with it tonight. Some nights, no problem. Just not tonight. [sigh]

Janet said...

Congrats Steve! Eric is pretty psyched to see a dead bear! He would love to get a grizzly someday.

Sorry you had a tough night with the girls. It happens to all of us. (((Allison)))

Alien said...

LOL! Tell Eric I've got PLENTY more pictures of Steve and the bear if he'd like to see them. LMAO!

And yeah, we don't have grizzlies around here. Just black bear, as far as I know. But Steve would like to get one too. :)

Alien said...

LOL! OK Janet! There ya' go. Tell Eric I added another picture just for him. ;)

Janet said...

He loves it! That thing is HUGE!

Thanks a lot, now Eric got started talking about hunting. *big sigh* LOL He just loves you two. You are his dream friends: keg, pig roasts, hunting....

Alien said...

LOL! 180 lbs. Shot from 685 yards away. ;)

And I'm so bummed you guys live so far away. :(

(And apologies to any other readers who don't like/are opposed to/get ill looking at pictures of hunting. I thought twice about posting any pictures, but the bottom line is that Steve does it, he enjoys it, and it's part of our lives. Well, OK... his life, but my life by default. LOL!)

Veronica said...

OMG!!! That thing is huge! Congratulations Steve!! Oh and if you get that thing stuffed I may have to plan a trip to PA just to see it.

Janet said...

He won't shut up! LMAO

Alien said...

Well, I'm happy to report that although Steve IS getting it stuffed, he said he'd keep it in the bungalow (thank you god...)

And I will say that it looks much bigger in the picture than it did in real life. I mean, it was definitely heavy, and a decent size. But it looks WAY bigger in that first pic than it did in real life. LOL!

Alien said...

LMAO! Sorry Janet! PIMP!

Janet said...

Eric has to keep his 'trophies' in the garage and the shop. As proud as he is of them, they are NOT coming in my house.

My Great Uncle was a huge hunter and went to Kruger National Park in Africa every year. I was petrified to go to his house. He had every kind of dead animal displayed in there. It freaked me out! LOL

Alien said...

LOL! Well, contrary to popular belief, we don't have a single dead animal or part of an animal in our entire home. But he's been waiting 20 years to get a bear, so I was willing to let him display it for a year or two until I made him get it out. ;)

And my step-FIL's grandson (so our step-nephew?) is a HUGE hunter. He's 12 and won a shooting competition. The prize was a trip to Africa for a hunt. Ted Nugent also happened to be on the trip and was so impressed with Ty (the boy), that he had him on his show several times and he's now in gun ads run in national hunting magazines! It's CRAZY!

Janet said...

"You can't shoot a bear from that far away, there are blah, blah, blah, blah.........Did he have a bazooka?..... That is one hell of a shot." I am dying here!

Alien said...

Oooo... found Ty online. Click here and then scroll down until you see the kid with his animals. At least Steve doesn't want to travel to Africa to hunt. That would suck. LMAO!

Janet said...

OMG! That kid got that thing??? That is unbelievable!

Alien said...

LMFAO! Nope. No bazooka. But he does have a custom built something-or-other that shoots the biggest bullets I've ever seen and can supposedly kill any animal on the planet. Um yeah. Great. Real friggin' great. (My step-FIL custom builds guns.)

(I'll add a picture of it in a second. The one in the picture isn't actually Steve's. It's his buddy's. But Steve didn't have his here and this one is identical except it's for a left-handed shooter.)

Alien said...

Yeah. He's supposedly really good. (The grandson lives in Texas and my MIL has only been married to the guy for a few years, so I've only met the kid once.) Tell Eric that that kid's grandfather is Steve's stepdad and the one that built Steve his gun. LOL!

Mary said...

Oh those days are so much fun. It seems like I've been so stressed about school, that I'm stressed at home, and then anything the kids do, just push me over the edge.

The picture of the bear made me think of when we had our black lab put to sleep and her eyes stayed open. I guess it has to do with the multiple eyelids dogs have, but I'm assuming bears do too. Creepy.

jeanne_bean said...

Have I mentioned to you yet that DH's uncle has land in Nebraska for hunting? Steve would LOVE that place. I'm not sure that they allow guns though (uncle is a huge bowhunter). DH's uncle apparently is buds with Nuge too.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...



What's the present?

And is there an actual Lienhard "brother," or is that just catchy?

Alien said...

Well, the present is that I asked Kap to make him a collage of some of the bear pictures and put all of the important info. on there somewhere too (Date, Weight of Bear, etc.). I'll get a 11 x 14 or 16 x 20 of it printed out and frame it. He'll LOVE it.

And there used to be a brother when they first went into business together. Then they had a falling out and Steve took over the concrete half and Tom took over the masonry half. That's actually his old truck with his old logo on it. Kap made him a new logo and it just says "Lienhard Concrete" (and is much nicer), but he hasn't gotten his new truck lettered yet.

EE said...


Sorry about your sucky night. And I swear you spend more time at the vet with your ONE cat than I have in the past two years w/ my 14! LOL

Oh and *WHEW* that Steve said he'd put it in the bungalow rather than your house. I was trying to figure out where on earth you were going to put that thing. LOL!

mama_tulip said...

Sorry you had a sucky day. Seriously, what is it with sucky days this week?

I'm LOL at the picture of Steve and Grace with the bear because he's got such a big smile on his face. It looks like he's like, "This is the shit, man. A honkin' bear and my girl."

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