Friday, December 16, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Friday 12.16.2005)

1. Woke up to someone BANGING on our door at 7 AM.

2. Discovered it was my parents bringing Grace home on their way to work. (We had all assumed the roads would be bad from the snow/sleet last night and that they'd have to go into work late, but that wasn't the case).

3. Decided early on to take the girls to Country Junction for the morning to avoid all questions/beggings/tantrums/etc. to go outside and play in the now slushy snow.

4. Went to Country Junction where Grace spent the first 15 minutes begging/crying for a real puppy. (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN KID!!! Hell, at least she's persistant, right?)

5. Got her calmed down and enjoyed walking around for a few hours.

6. Came home and put an extremely whiney two-year-old to bed.

7. Baked cookies with Grace, which taught me something...

Time it takes to bake a pack of premade/precut sugar cookies (3 dozen or so cookies) in a toaster oven, 6 at a time: Approx. 2 hours.

Time it takes a family of three (Hannah doesn't like them) to eat them: Approx. 20 minutes. For real.

8. Let Grace "help me" wrap Steve's presents for his birthday tomorrow.

9. Wanted to kick her ass when 10 minutes later, Steve walked in and Grace said, "Hey Dad! I bought you some new pants and a new sweatshirt for your birthday!" Little shit.

10. Took Grace to gymnastics, where Hannah spent the entire time headbutting me for no apparent reason.

11. Left there and took the girls to Burger King because I had promised them they could get the Furbies that come in the Kids Meals this week.

12. Ordered 2 kids meals, both with cheeseburgers (because that's what they said they wanted) and ordered a 12-piece chicken fries meal, figuring Steve and/or the girls may want a chicken fry or two.

13. Brought the food home where Grace and Hannah proceeded to ignore their cheeseburgers and eat all but four of the chicken fries. [sigh]

14. Watched Grace then also eat her entire cheeseburger. Thanks kid. Thanks a lot...

15. Was surprised when Grace fell asleep at 8:15 with the rest of us all talking around her and watching TV.

16. Groaned inwardly when I remembered that she hadn't gone to the bathroom since gymnastics class and that she'll probably be peeing all over me tonight.

17. Was surprised when, while watching a show about the different sandwiches particular cities are known for, I discovered that supposedly chipped ham is NOT a national thing and that people often have no clue what that is.

18. Felt sorry for all of those that don't know what/don't eat chipped ham is, since that's the ONLY way I ever get it from the grocery store and really the only kind of ham sandwich I like. In the past two days, I have eaten an entire pound of chipped ham, just by reaching in the bag and eating large handfuls of it.

19. Was reminded of the pig roast and my discussion with out of town friends that had never seen/eaten/heard of ring bologna until that day. Weird.

20. Am sitting here (im)patiently waiting for Steve to get his ass upstairs for the night so I can set up his new Bunn coffee maker for his birthday tomorrow morning. (It'll take 15 minutes or so to get it all set up before we use it for the first time, and there is no way in HELL I'm waiting that long in the morning for coffee while he unwraps it, opens it, sets it up, etc. Fuck that. Give me coffee or give yourself a bitchy wife.

21. Hung my new "Beer Pong Champ" magnet on my fridge today. Thanks again EE! LOL! ;)

22. Got an email just now that the stuff I ordered from a website early last week to put into my boards' Secret Santa packages just got picked up by DHL and is coming from California. Yeah. Great. Thanks. Too late mofos. I already went and bought other stuff to replace it. Rotten bastards. [grumble... grumble....]


Janet said...

I have no idea WTH chipped ham is????

Get the girl a dog;-)

I hate when Zach falls asleep before peeing. I know what will be happening around 2:00

Alien said...

LOL Janet. It's plain ham (like you'd get sliced at the deli), but it's the way they slice it. It's shaved... cut really, REALLY thinly and is almost like tiny pieces of it. In my opinion, it tastes sooo much better than regular sliced ham. I'm still trying to find a picture of it somewhere online...

Janet said...

That sounds really good! I love thinly shaved ham.

BTW, have you received an envelope yet for the girls? It is just a little something that you have to have for Christmas Eve. I sent it on Monday, so I was wondering where it is?

Alien said...

Then you'd like chipped ham. :)

Envelope? No. No envelope. Not yet anyway. But now I'm intrigued. LOL!

(And did you think I would've gotten it and not said anything? LOL!)

Janet said...

I thought maybe you were like me and you only go to your mailbox every 3-4 days. LOL Our mailbox is across the road also and I never bother to get the mail!

Alien said...

OMG no. I am a mail FIEND and obsessively watch for the mailman every day so I can go over and get it immediately. I'm always convinced that there's something really, really important or really, really cool in there and I MUST find out. LOL!

mama_tulip said...

Dave took Julia shopping earlier this week and they bought a couple of things for me. They walked in the door and while Dave was trying to hide the bags from me, Julia shouted, "WE BOUGHT YOU SLIPPERS, MUMMY!"

Happy Birthday, Steve! :)

EE said...

I heart Aeropostale. Last time I bought a bunch of clothes for Doug it was from there. His entire (ok, well mine too, lol) wardrobe is stuff I've bought him from there or AE.

LOL at her telling him though.

I saw that magnet and HAD to get it for you, thought it was very fitting. ;)

So did Steve like his (your, lol) coffee maker???

Denise said...

I've never heard of chipped ham, but we have chipped beef here. They make chipped beef on toast sandwiches, and if I remember correctly, they are called "shit on a shingle". Yuck!

Denise said...

I had to see if I was remembering right. I was

Alien said...

LOL Denise. EVERYONE here eats "Shit on a Shingle" (except me of course. LOL!)

And chipped ham is cut the exact same as chipped beef. :)

Anonymous said...

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