Sunday, December 18, 2005

Highlights of the Day (12.18.2005)

1. Slept in until 8:00. Ahhhh....

2. Came downstairs where I only had to wait three minutes for a perfectly brewed pot of coffee. Did you people hear me? Only THREE MINUTES!!!! I heart Bunn.

3. Called my mom to see how the girls did last night. All was well.

4. Showered and left to go pick them up.

5. Stopped at WalMart on the way, to pick up 2 more gallons of primer for Steve to finish that whole thing today. Did you people hear me? For Steve to finish it. :)

6. Grabbed the last gift for one of my three Secret Santa Buddies.

7. Picked up the girls.

8. Stopped at Blockbuster on the way home to return movies and pick some new ones.

9. Got annoyed that I had to pay for two movies for the THIRD time because my children repeatedly want to rent them. I could've bought the damn things by now.

10. Came home to find Steve cleaning up cat shit yet again and cursing like a sailor.

11. Seriously discussed what we're going to do with Salinger. We just can't keep him. His crapping problem is not only gross, and damaging to our home. But now it's bordering on unhealthy for us. I mean, the thing has E. Coli for god's sake. And now he's crapping all over the floors that my kids play on. Sorry buddy, but we just can't do it anymore. And after a week and a half on this new medicine, he's showing NO improvement. I think I'm done. :(

12. Decided to call the vet tomorrow to discuss our options.

13. Allowed Grace to go over in the kitchen and "help" Steve prime the walls.

14. Chuckled when I heard Steve tell her that no, she could not paint the floor and then heard some angry mumbling.

15. Found out she'd gotten dirt all over the roller and when Steve went to change it, he snapped the actual roller in half.

16. Discovered we didn't have another roller in the house and was informed (by Steve), that I would have to finish the priming this week. Bastard.

17. Was thrilled when my sister called a little bit later and said Grace could come over for a few hours.

18. Told Steve I'd borrow her paint roller and that he could, indeed, finish today. [snicker]

19. Was amazed/impressed/appalled when our little family of four managed to eat an entire half of a pound of beef sticks I had just bought this afternoon. Yup. We rock.

20. Wrapped all (but one) of my Secret Santa gifts and got them boxed up to be mailed tomorrow.

21. Spent a cumulative TWO HOURS trying to print shipping labels with postage here at home, so I could just give the packages to the mailman tomorrow and avoid the post office.

22. Failed miserably. Stupid effing piece of shit ancient computer that doesn't support Acrobat 5.

23. Realized I'm going to have to take two rather "spirited" children to the post office to mail three packages days before Christmas, where there will undoubtedly be loooooong lines. CRAP!!

24. Wondered what I'm going to do with the four gifts I have coming here that were supposed to be for my Secret Santa Buddies, but will get here too late, thanks to a sucky website.


geenalyn said...

i find it funny that i painted both playrooms already and you haven't finished priming your kitchen.

Denise said...

(((Alien)))) That sucks about Salinger. This past summer when our cats were pissing all over and pooping outside of their litter box (but at least on a cement floor), we decided to move them outside. Our "scaredy cat" actually stuck around, and the one we thought would stay has disappeared. They were both declawed cats. That could be an option for you guys. Misha stays close to the house and Ashton loves going out to pet her and feed her.

jeanne_bean said...

It's 2:45am Central, I'm printing pix to go in my shadowboxes, I must have them completed and shipped tomorrow...I mean today. And I have to take all 3 creatures to the PO...

Maybe I'll do an all nighter, wrap the packages and then go to the PO. Our PO has the 24 hr access to the nifty automated machine... The things I'll consider in order to not have to take them anywhere! Oy!

Alien said...

LOL Geena. It kind of isn't our fault. The kitchen is completely blocked off with plastic and large foam boards and you have to go outside and around the house to get in. So I can't go over there when the girls are here. And unfortunately, there's no heat in there yet, so I can't really go over there to do it once they're in bed at night because it's FREEZING over there and I'd have to wear gloves and stuff. Not gonna happen...

Alien said...

Thanks Denise. See, I could never put him outside. It's just something I couldn't do. It gets so damn COLD. And he's actually sick and I'd feel horrible putting a sick cat outside. :(

And I'd like to say up front (to everyone) that I would NEVER put a cat to sleep just because he shits on things. But he's in PAIN too. Every other day or so, he spends hours, walking around crying and straining to go to the bathroom. He's obviously uncomfortable. And it seems like no matter how many drugs we give him, or how many times we think it's "fixed" after a round of antibiotics, two weeks later, he's in pain again. [sigh]

So I think I'll finish out the pills he's on now (2 weeks or so worth) and see how he is. If he's still not better, or if he gets some other sort of infection a few weeks later again, I may have to put him down. I mean, what kind of life is it for him to constantly be in pain, ya know?

mama_tulip said...

((Allison)) I'm with you on that. If his quality of life is being diminished and what you're doing (and already done) is not helping to improve that then I really do feel like you don't have much more of an option. Adopting him really isn't going to work for you and if you took him to a shelter or Human Society, in the end, they'd probably destroy him anyway. It sucks.

Alien said...

Thanks Katherine. It's just so hard, because when he's not having one of his little "episodes", he's perfectly fine. And he's SUCH a good cat outside of his bathroom issues. LOL! I just feel bad because it's not like he has a fatal disease (that we know of), so I feel like we're taking the easy way out if we put him to sleep. [sigh]

Janet said...

(((Allison))) I completely agree with you on your kitty decision. I think you have already done above and beyond what many people would have done:-(

Tink said...

Can I bottle up your energy and sell it? I got tired just READING about all the stuff you did yesterday. :)

Alien said...

LOL Tink. Are you kidding me? I assure you there was LOTS of sitting on my fat rear in between all that stuff. ;)

EE said...

(((Alien))) I agree w/ Janet and Katherine. You really have gone above and beyond with poor Salinger. But you get to a point where you just have to make a tough decision like that. I've had to make them and they *suck*. I feel for you. :(


Mary said...

(((Alien))) It's a hard choice to make regarding your cat, but like you said-he's in pain alot of the time, and what sort of life is that?

Anonymous said...

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