Monday, December 05, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Monday 12.5.2005)

1. Was pleased as shit when the girls "slept in" until almost 7:00 this morning.

2. Turned on the coffee pot and walked back into the living room (not knowing why Steve wouldn't have made a pot before he left for hunting.

3. Went back to check on the coffee a few minutes later and realized I had somehow, mysteriously blown a fuse.

4. Changed a fuse (the old glass kind) for the first time in my life and prayed I wouldn't burn the house down.

5. Realized why Steve hadn't made coffee. Apparently, he'd had the same problem.

6. Immediately started decorating the tree with the girls.

7. Kept moving the ornaments off of the ONE branch that Hannah kept hanging them on.

8. Cringed when Grace dropped one of our very few glass ornaments, shattering it. Not because I was attached to it at all (it was an ugly Pittsburgh Steelers ball, but because I didn't want her stepping on the glass in her bare feet).

9. Laughed when she looked up at me, ready to be yelled at. I hugged her and told her it was OK and she said, "Yeah. We don't like football anyway."

10. Vacuumed up the glass and told her she should only hang the non-breakable ones.

11. She proceeded to drop every single ornament after that (on purpose) and say, "Look Hannah! This kind won't break!"

12. Finished decorating the tree from hell and started on cleaning up the rest of our pure disaster of a house.

13. Was impressed at how well the girls behaved today (for the most part) after being stuck in the house for the second (or third?) day straight.

14. Flipped out on the girls tonight. I don't know what made them think, in the past week, that it's OK to climb and sit on and jump off of the back of the top of the couch. Seriously kids, do you want to have a broken bone for Christmas?

15. Rationed the milk carefully throughout the day since I couldn't drive to get more (long story involving my car) and waiting impatiently for Steve to get home from hunting with more milk.

16. Made snow slushees to keep the girls happy while I showered at like freakin' noon, when I finally got around to it.

17. Was bummed to hear that we're supposed to get more snow tonight, in which case, I'll keep Grace home from school tomorrow and will almost have to take them outside in the god forsaken stuff to cure the cabin fever they're developing.

18. My sister stopped by the bring Grace a German Shepard ornament wearing a Santa hat. Because god knows we don't have enough damn German Shepard stuff in the house already.

19. Wondered how someone who really doesn't like dogs, has more dog paraphernalia and clothing than someone who actually likes the mangy beasts.

20. Got in an argument with Steve when he got home from hunting. Fucker.

21. We said goodnight to each other anyway when he went to bed a few hours later.

22. Almost finished my MIL's birthday gift for Thursday.

23. Went to bed expecting Hannah to wake up at least once during the night, due to the horrendous cold she has. (Probably because of her tumble into the snow at the tree farm. LMAO!)


mama_tulip said...

Hope you had a decent night and that Hannah's cold is better today. Julia and Oliver both have colds...Oliver's had his for well over a week now and it seems worse this morning than it did yesterday. Stupid winter colds.

Lisa said...

Dylan has been sick since before Thanksgiving. Not sick, sick. Just this annoying, "is it ever going to leave", runny nose, cough thing.

Melissa said...

Doesn't it break your heart when they give you that look, like you scream and yell at them all the time? Makes me feel like a dirtbag. LOL

Janet said...

I don't think we have many glass ornaments left. They have slowly gotten broken over the years.

I am surprised that Steve doesn't have a dog for hunting. Maybe you could get him and Grace a doggie;-)