Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Wednesday 12.14.2005)

1. Sent the girls off to daycare this morning.

2. Sat down with my cup of joe and watched The Early Show to see the Linz family receive their million dollar check for winning The Amazing Race. Mmmmm... Nick....

3. Decided to do something productive (GASP!) and started wrapping Christmas gifts.

4. Thought I was done when I remembered some clothing for the girls stashed upstairs.

5. Wrapped the clothing.

6. Thought I was done (again) when I remembered their new jammies they always get on Christmas Eve.

7. Wrapped the jammies.

8. Was annoyed when Steve got home from work at lunchtime. Not that I don't love my husband, but he's been such a miserable fuck lately, that it really is just easier if he's not here.

9. Was even more annoyed when his buddy showed up 15 minutes later and they sat here in the living room, gossiping like women while watching gay MTV. [sigh] So much for my day of "alone time".

10. Managed to get sucked into their conversation for THREE HOURS about money, jobs, kids, the cleanliness of our houses, sex, and how until the two of them start staying home with their kids on a full-time basis, they both need to shut the fuck up. :)

11. Was ready to burst when I checked email while they were both sitting here and saw that Kap had sent me a preview of the bear collage she's making for Steve and I couldn't open it or he'd see it. Son of a bitch!

12. Heard Salinger crying upstairs and went up there to check on him and saw he was having "troubles" again. Dammit. Did I remember to give him his medicine yesterday? [sigh] I suck at this pet owner thing.

13. Steve's friend leaves and the two of us (Steve and I) immediately start "discussing" things which inevitably turns into an argument.

14. Was pleasantly surprised when we both kept our cool (for the most part) and actually may have accomplished something in our discussion. Only time will tell...

15. Picked up the girls at my parents' house where my parents were more than happy to hand them over since they were bouncing off the freakin' walls. Yeah. Great.

16. Keep thinking of other people I need to buy gifts for. This happens every year. How is it that every year, I forget these same people until the week before Christmas?

17. Wondered if giving a particular recipient a case of cheap beer and a carton of cigarettes would be... I dunno... rude?

18. Managed to eat an entire can of Pringles. Just today. Not in one sitting, but still. Moooooooo!

19. Decided the dimples in my ass are endearing.

20. Received the best Christmas card of the year today in the mail. Snort! It's good to see that other people's kids are demons too. ;)

21. Am still trying to figure out what the hell Steve and I are going to do for his birthday this Saturday. We don't have the kids and my sister & BIL are having their annual Christmas party, but they always get drunk and argue in front of everyone, so we really need to make their house our last stop of the evening on our way home. What the hell do we do before that?

22. Told Steve to go work on the railroad.

23. And meant it. (He's always wanted to.)

24. Decided that if he does, I want him to wear a little engineer's hat around the house, just so I can point at him and laugh.


Mary said...

So I'm assuming the preview from Al rocks? post it so we can see it!

Mary said...

Tom and I got in a fight about the state of the house, who does what, and sex too, so you're not alone.

Alien said...

LOL! Well, this was one time where we didn't really "argue" about it. We were both pissed off at points, but we managed to stay calm and just talk about it.

EE said...

I'm LOL at Steve and his friend showing up to play golf.

WTG on the present wrapping! ;)

Alien said...

Golf? What the HELL are you talking about EE? LMAO!

mama_tulip said...

Great. Now I have "I've Been Workin' On the Railroad" stuck in my head. You suck.

Mary said...

So you guys acted all grown up? Awwwww. Tom ended up apologizing later, but whatever. stupid head.

EE said...

OMG, I just LOL so hard. I have NO clue what I thinking about. LMAO!

Umm, I meant on watching MTV.

Gawd, when did I post that? Maybe I hadn't had my coffee yet or something. Geez....ditzier by the day I tell ya. LOL