Thursday, December 08, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Thursday 12.08.2005)

1. Woke up ON TIME this morning and sent the girls off to daycare without too much of a hitch.

2. Sat down at the computer with my coffee and once again, wasted half of the morning away.

3. Remembered to shower. (Yay me! I ROCK!)

4. Went to Big Lots to grab some craft kits and stuff for tomorrow since we're expecting to be snowed in and the girls are getting really bored with their toys lately.

5. While there, also grabbed a bunch more Christmas gifts for the girls (which is the last thing they need), big ass boxes of holiday chocolates as gifts for the daycare teachers, Santa hats for the girls, a huge platic ornament storage container (should've grabbed two... must go back...), and some other crap I didn't need but bought anyway because it was so cheap.

6. Went next door to Blockbuster to rent movies for the same reason I bought the new craft kits. Damn snow.

7. Wanted to kiss the girl working there when she wiped out the $1.33 late charge I had on my account. (That's right folks. I'm sooo bad about returning movies that I have late fees at a place that doesn't have late fees.)

8. Finally signed up for their damn "Rewards Program" so they stop asking me about it EVERY DAMN TIME I go in there. (And because the girl was nice and wiped out my late fee.)

9. Grabbed BK chicken fries on my way home.

10. Did one load of laundry. Yeah. That's right. I'm ambitious like that. (And does it count if that load is still up in the dryer?)

11. Pumped myself up to finally prime the kitchen and then discovered my primer had frozen because I had left it sitting outside for three days. I swear it wasn't on purpose. Honest. It wasn't.

12. Received, in the mail, some of the fantastic ornaments I had ordered for various ornament exchange buddies. Now if I can just get them in the mail to their intended recipients, I'll be golden. (Don't hold your breath.)

13. Realized, mid-day that today is my MIL's birthday and thought I should probably call her or something.

14. Didn't call her.

15. Mid-afternoon, the whole cat pill trauma creeped back into my brain and I realized I had to give it another go.

16. Crushed the pill into a fine powder, mixed it with some water, put it in a syringe, and forced the shit into Salinger's mouth.

17. Got a scratch on my back and a few drops of pill water on myself during the process, but at least there are some meds in him now.

18. Watched him like a hawk for signs of distress since I was never told I was allowed to crush the pill and I had visions of him frothing at the mouth and keeling over dead.

19. Stopped at WalMart on my way to pick up the girls, where I grabbed the makings for pretzel kisses, some stuff for Grace, a sweater for me (because I really need another sweater you know) and some more Christmas gifts.

20. Picked the girls up and headed home.

21. Was bummed to see that our little "tradition" of taking a new route home every night to look for new Christmas light displays has been seriously marred by two children in the backseat arguing over who has more lit houses on their side of the car. [heavy sigh]

22. Was pleased when my children acted fairly "normal" this evening (as compared to the "Crack Kids" they often morph into upon stepping foot into our house).

23. Saw Steve for a good 30 minutes tonight before he went to bed. (This is a HUGE chunk of time during hunting season.)

24. Told Steve to call his mother and wish her a happy birthday.

25. She told Steve she thought I had told her I was stopping by with the kids today and she had baked a cake. DOH! (I had never said that, but she was cool with the whole thing.)

26. Told her we'd stop by this weekend at some point.


mama_tulip said...

So your MIL sat at home with a cake waiting for you guys to come over and celebrate? PIMP!

EE said...

Yeah, we used to get late fees at a place that doesn't have late fees too. WE were THAT bad as well. LMAO!

Oh and I've been to tell you that yes, Primer is ruined once it's frozen. Oops.

Alien said...

LOL EE. Are you SURE about the primer? Because the can says, "Do Not Freeze", but right under that, it says, "If frozen, defrost at room temperature before using." PIMP!

EE said...

LOL, well Doug is the one who told me. He said *usually* it changes the consistency and it will state on the container something along the lines of "do not use if freezes...".

So I dunno, open it up, mix it up and see what it looks like. LMAO!