Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow sucks...

Uh, I mean, "Highlights of the Day (Friday 12.09.2005)".... ;)

1. Woke up at 7:00-ish to discovered my car completely buried in snow up to the top of my tires, a good foot on the ground, and a ton of it still dumping from the sky. (4-6" my ass ya goddamn weather people...)

2. Wondered how the HELL Steve managed to get out of the driveway at 4:00AM without plowing or shoveling anything.

3. Was annoyed as shit because I thought he hadn't even had the common courtesy to at least bring the shovel up from the garage so I wouldn't have to traipse down there without snow boots. (It's at the other end of our property, down a small hill.)

4. Tried calling his cell phone to be a bitch, but couldn't get through.

5. Noticed the shovel leaning right outside the door about 5 minutes later.

6. Felt like an ass and was glad I hadn't been able to get through.

7. Listened to two kids beg me to go outside over... and over... and over... All before the sun was even completely out yet.

8. Called sister and brother-in-law around 8:00 and left message on their machine offering them $50 if they'd come shovel a path from the road to just my car so I could get out of the driveway tomorrow.

9. Took the girls outside at 9:00 AM after spending a good hour gathering up clothing, hats, gloves, tights, turtlenecks, snowsuits, and boots for the three of us.

10. Watched Hannah do a face plant right into a pile of snow about 2 minutes (literally) after we had walked outside.

11. Picked up a sobbing Hannah and wasn't allowed to put her down again (according to her).

12. Stood her on the covered patio and told her to stand there and not move while I finished shoveling the sidewalks.

13. Literally 10 minutes after taking them outside, had BOTH of them telling me they wanted to come back in the house. Yup. Glad I spent all that time dressing you, you little pain in the asses.

14. Popped in a movie for them and talked to my sister who said only she was home and she couldn't get to our house to shovel the driveway. Dammit.

15. Broke out the cheap Chicken McNugget Masquerade Ball board game I had picked up yesterday for $4.00, expecting it to be really lame.

16. Was rather pleasantly surprised at how cute it is.

17. Played the damn game about TWENTY FIVE TIMES over the course of the day. Oy...

18. Saw some random guy plowing the neighbor's driveway and yelled over to her asking how much he was charging.

19. She yelled back she didn't know and that she had "found him" down the street and told him to come up to her house.

20. Told her I didn't care what the hell it cost, and to send him down to our driveway next.

21. Paid the guy $20 (he had only asked for $15) and patted myself on the back at how thrilled Steve would be to not have to come home at 8:00 tonight and deal with plowing the driveway.

22. Was pleased I only ever really wanted to rip my hair out in frustration like 5 times today. I was expecting a lot worse.

23. Realized, after the girls' bath tonight that Soshy was missing. "Soshy" is actually Hannah's silky, a small pink satin blanket that she LOVES and that she always, always sleeps with.

24. Spent TWO HOURS STRAIGHT looking for him/it even though she didn't seem to give a rat's ass he was missing, but me dreading how bedtime might go if I didn't find him.

25. Couldn't find him... Anywhere. (Where the hell could it be? It's not like it could just walk away? And I saw her with it at 9:00 this morning and we didn't leave the house except to go outside and I know she didn't take him out there.)

26. Was happy that the effects of her nighttime cold medicine seemed to have caused her to forget about "Soshy" and I got her to bed without a hitch. For now, anyway.

27. Was thrilled once everyone else in the house was sleeping and I could sit here in complete silence, wasting time online.

28. Remembered, out of the blue, that there is that carton of cookie dough ice cream in the freezer.

29. Scooped myself a big bowl, drowned it in chocolate syrup, and had a damn healthy late "dinner". Good stuff, I tell ya...


mama_tulip said...

Hope you find Soshy...I shudder to think how it would be putting Julia to bed without a soother.

Alien said...

LOL Katherine. Well, he's got to be here somewhere, right? Her problem is that she has a bad habit of balling him up and just shoving him in random (small) places. Like in little buckets in the playroom, in Steve's shoes, in her little play backpacks and lunchboxes, etc. It could be years before we find him, really... LOL!

mama_tulip said...

Julia's got a bad habit of leaving her soothers in the van. I can't tell you how many times I've gone outside in my friggin' jammies and a pair of Dave's shoes looking for soothers. *sigh*

Melissa said...

I was just outside looking for Buzz the dog, knowing that Luke would be awake at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow morning asking me to find him.

EE said...

God I hope you find Soshy.

YAY on finding someone to shovel for you!

And don't you LOVE that. Haley will beg me to go outside and play, I spend 10min getting all our stuff on, go out and he w/in 5min wants to go back in. BUT THEN like 30min later wants to go BACK out. *Come on*! LOL

Janet said...

I hate the snow because of the work it involves! The kids take forever to get ready, go outside for 10 minutes, come in and throw the wet clothes everywhere, I pick them up to dry, they want hot cocoa and blankets, 30 minutes later it starts all over again! Grrr. I love the lazy days of summer where they throw on their shoes and they are off!