Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Wednesday 12.21.2005)

1. Sent the girls to daycare. [huge sigh of relief]

2. Told myself to get my ass in the shower and start all of the stuff I had to do, but instead, sat at the computer drinking mug after mug of coffee.

3. Finally kicked it into high gear and got showered and out the door.

4. Drove right past the post office, forgetting about the two packages to be mailed that were sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME on the front seat. Stupid ass.

5. Continued on to Home Depot for kitchen paint and supplies.

6. Was in that damn orange store for a good 2 hours trying to figure out what freakin' color to buy.

7. Finally decided and headed to the front of the store to check out.

8. The toothless (literally) guy in front of me turned around and started pointing at things in my cart, saying what I did and didn't need. It turns out he's a professional painter.

9. It turned into a very surreal (yet enjoyable) experience where he took me back to the paint supplies, took out half the stuff I had in my cart and threw them back on the shelves, threw a bunch of different stuff back into my cart, and gave me a lot of great tips and pointers on painting a room.

10. Asked him why the hell he wanted to write down my name when he asked me for a pen and paper.

11. He laughed and gave me his phone number (in case I have any questions) and he wrote down JUST my first name (that's all I gave him) and "Home Depot" so he'd know who I was if I called with any questions.

12. Finally left the damn place and headed to the god-forsaken mall.

13. Realized I must have missed the memo that went out to everyone, telling us that at this time of year, it's OK to drive like an ass and run redlights in our attempts to get to the mall 1 minute earlier than we would if we obeyed the traffic laws.

14. Spent an hour in the first store I walked into, buying stuff only for myself. Because I'm self-absorbed like that.

Update: Forgot to add one in here where I got a good view of my thonged ass in the full-size LARGE dressing room mirror and almost threw up. [sigh]

15. Waiting in line for 45 looooong minutes to get the three mall gift cards my mom sent me there for.

16. Had a weird deja vu moment when, while standing in line for the gift cards, saw a girl I know walk past. What was weird is that when I was waiting in the same line last week to buy my gift cards, she had walked past.

17. Turned my head so she wouldn't see me (just like last week), because I just wasn't in the mood to be all chatty (just like last week). Plus we skipped their Halloween party and I haven't seen her since, so I didn't want her asking me where we had been. (I'm mature like that.)

18. Bought the gift cards and decided it was time to leave.

19. Bought more stuff for myself in the first store on my way out. (Again, that self-absorbed thing comes into play.)

20. Headed home and flipped off (mentally) about 18 other drivers.

21. Arrived home to a message from my best friend from college (Hannah's godmother) saying she wants to come visit next week. We rarely see or talk to each other these days, so I'm pretty pumped about it.

22. Also had a message from the kitchen guy, asking if we know yet when the cabinets can be installed.

23. Steve and I discussed skipping all Christmas activities this weekend in an attempt to get the kitchen in as soon as possible, but figured our other family members (and our kids) would be pissed. Dammit.

24. Called the kitchen guy back to set something up. Only two more weeks, baby. Two more weeks...

25. Had afternoon sex because we knew we'd both be too tired and too busy to go at it tonight after the girls were asleep.

26. Headed out to pick up the girls at my mom's house.

27. Stopped at the grocery store to buy the 5 bags of cheese curls I'm "assigned" to bring for the girls' Christmas parties at daycare tomorrow. Nothing like a good healthy lunch at daycare, eh?

28. Grabbed a pizza for dinner.

29. Got home and inhaled the aforementioned pizza, and then immediately felt like I would throw up if I spoke.

30. Told Hannah to thank god she's so damn cute, because otherwise, a lot of people would want to be kicking her ass lately. She's been quite the handful lately.

31. Gave the girls a bath, alternating the entire time between laughing hysterically at them and wanting to throttle them.

32. Got the daycare teachers' gifts ready for tomorrow, worrying the entire time that I'm going to look cheap. (My mom is a teacher there too and some parents give her REALLY nice gifts.)

33. Actually wrote the word "shit" in one of the cards to the teacher and wondered if that's sacreligious at all. Probably, huh?

34. Sat here 10 minutes trying to decide how to spell one of Hannah's teacher's names (Charisma), and then decided I didn't really care if was right or not because I don't really like her. (And with a name like Charisma, why should I like her, ya know?)

35. I really should be working right now on the two shadowbox frames I still have to put together for Christmas gifts, but well, I just don't feel like it.

36. Added that to my ever-growing list of "Things I Need to Do Tomorrow, My Last Kidless Day Before Christmas".

37. Realized I forgot cookies (for Santa) and carrots (for the reindeer) when I was at the grocery store today. Son of a....


EE said...

Whew, my shopping adventure resulted in lots of "me" shopping too. Hey, it's all about giving....even if it is to ourselves, right?! ;)

Alien said...

LOL! I just couldn't pass up the sales. I mean $40 sweaters were $15... Long-sleeved tees were $2.99... Skirts were $10... How the hell could I pass that stuff up? LMAO!

mama_tulip said...

#13 -- Apparently I missed that memo, too. Everyone around here is driving like they've inhaled quaaludes or something.

Alien said...

LOL! Does "Quaalude" really have two "A's" in it like that? Because that's cool.

mama_tulip said...

LMAO! Yeah, it does. I even checked on before I posted my comment.

jeanne_bean said...

#35 -- Yeah, I gave up the idea of having those ready for Christmas. I'll try to get them done in early January and then send them to FL and NJ... No use trying to kill myself when I still have to (wrap everything, clean everything, etc. etc.)...

And #28 -- I was so ambitious I started DH's dinner (soup) and then ate my Sonic dinner while feeding the kids their Sonic too. Then enjoyed a Sonic Gingerbread Blast. Yummy. The finale of Martha Stewart Apprentice tonight didn't inspire me to cook an any course meal. I rock!

Your kitchen is getting so close to completion! WOW!

Alien said...

LOL Jeanne! This is NOT the week to be cooking as far as I'm concerned. Even if you DO have a kitchen. LOL!

And yeah, we're getting there. [sigh] Slowly, but surely...

Melissa said...

So you didn't get to the post office?!? Eh, I didn't either.

Alien said...

LOL. No Melissa. No post office. But it's on my list of 8 Billion Places I Need to Go Today, so I'll get there at some point. [shrug]

Janet said...

What a busy day! Sounds like you got a lot done!

Very nice of that painter to help you out:-) What color did you get?

Alien said...

Janet, I stood there for 2 freakin' hours with my tile sample and my granite sample trying to pick a color. Which is a *ridiculous* thing to try to do based on the 1" x 2" paint chip samples. [sigh]

Anyway, I ended up with a color by Behr called Fossil Stone. It's hard to describe. It's kind of a greenish-tannish color. In some light, it looks tan. In others, it looks like a light sage green.

I know I had said we were going to go "bold" with a cranberry color, but I decided to stay kind of neutral with the paint (since you'll barely see any wall) and go bold with the backsplash, which we have yet to pick. ;)

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