Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Tuesday 12.06.2005)

1. Woke up when my alarm went off at 6:00 to get Grace ready for daycare.

2. Woke up again at 6:35, five minutes before my mom would be leaving to pick her up.

3. Called my mom and told her screw it, Grace would stay home today.

4. Went back to bed.

5. The girls woke me up at 7:00 and was glad I kept Grace home since she had caught Hannah's kick ass cold.

6. Showered and headed to the grocery store, after giving both girls some medicine to help them at least breathe a bit.

7. Had a good time at the grocery store, but bought WAY more stuff than I would've if the girls hadn't been there begging for 10 items in each aisle.

8. Was surprised when both girls fell asleep on the way home from the store.

9. Made mental note to give both girls the same medicine before bedtime tonight.

10. Arrived home to find another UPS man "sculpture" outside my door.

11. Was somewhat annoyed that he had stacked the boxes so high, I could barely reach the top of the stack.

12. Almost sustained a concussion when the top box fell when I was trying to bring them into the house, clunking me on the head.

13. Washed 8 billion dirty dishes in my bathroom.

14. Laughed when Grace sneezed and had a HUGE stream of snot hanging out her nose, almost down to her chin.

15. Wondered what kind of mom makes her kid go look in the mirror to see what a cool snot river she has streaming down her face.

16. Discovered vanilla yogurt Cheerios. Good stuff.

17. Wondered how two kids who are sick and fairly lifeless all day, manage to get a HUGE burst of energy around 7:30 at night, running around like lunatics a half hour before bedtime.

18. Gave the kids another dose of the earlier medicine, hoping it would make them crash.

19. Watched "Amazing Race" and got all hot and bothered over Nick Linz.... Again.

20. Packed the girls lunches for tomorrow and got out their clothing for the morning. Let me assure you, this never happens.

21. Found out I apparently resemble quite a few black people, and apparently, have the same facial features as Condoleeza Rice. Um, great.

22. Got a call from the vet saying Salinger has 2 different infections/bacteria in his urine.

23. Good news is both bacteria can be treated with one antibiotic. Yay. More money will be shelled out to the vet tomorrow. [sigh]

24. Mailed a bunch of Christmas cards, and wrote out a bunch more.

25. Got an invitation for my sister's Christmas party, which happens to be on Steve's birthday this year. Sweet. Now I don't have to worry about what to do that night.

26. Inwardly thanked Hannah for begging at the grocery store when I remember just now that we have cookie dough ice cream in the freezer.


mama_tulip said...

Vanilla yogurt Cheerios? OMG. Julia will have a coniption.

I did that celebrity facial feature thing today, too. My strongest result was some FUGLY guy I'd never heard of before. My next strongest was Drew Barrymore. I'll take that. ;)

Alien said...

Yup. Vanilla yogurt cheerios. Look for 'em, my friend.

EE said...

I played around on that celebrity facial thing last night. Apparently I look a lot like Courtney Cox (???? I used 3 differ pics), Doug looks like Nicholas Cage and Haley like Michael Jackson. LMAO!

((((Salinger and Alien's money))))

Oh and my kids have had the same snot infestation and everytime Haley sneezes he has that same goop down the face thing going on. LOL It IS funny sometimes.

mama_tulip said...

Michael Jackson?! OMG!

I got a lot of male results but the one that bothered me was Elton John. I don't see the likeness 'cept for the glasses. Yeah, the glasses. That's it.

Alien said...

LOL Katherine! I got Elton John too! We ROCK!

Janet said...

I swear I have already responded to this and now I can't find it? I do not think you look like Condoleezza! I could see the Katie Holmes resemblance though. Maybe Steve looks like Tom;-)

I will have to find those cheerios!

mama_tulip said...

LOL! Thank GOD someone else had Elton John, too!

OMG, I just did Julia's face. #1: Billy Bob Thornton. #2: Michael Jackson. #3: Some Russian chick. Then Katie Holmes and Kirsten Dunst, which is flattering, but then Charles Bronson and Benicio Del Toro!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »