Tuesday, December 27, 2005

OK. OK. Some observations of the day...

(Since I suck so bad and didn't call my friend...)

1. PlayDoh rules in so many ways.

2. I have this annoying habit of continuing to read children's books (out loud) until the end, even when my two children have gotten up and walked off about 1/4 into the book. Then I get pissed if anyone interrupts me before I'm done.

3. My royal pain in the ass cat has now also developed an annoying habit of biting his food, letting the broken parts of each piece fall back into the bowl, and then outright refusing to eat the broken bits. He's now sitting here crying because I won't give him more. Dude, get over yourself. I forgot to buy your special, expensive-as-all-hell cat food and now there's none left. However, you have an entire bowl of broken pieces. Go eat them or starve. It's your choice, buddy.

4. I am way too fascinated with our "chamelion" kitchen paint that I swear looks like a different color or shade everytime I look at it.

5. Because of the above, and Steve telling me I'm freakin' crazy, I'm convinced someone is slipping me acid somehow.

6. Ham is NOT as good when eaten for 6 meals in a row. Mustard can only liven it up so much, ya know?

7. I think there should be an option to pay someone to come undecorate your Christmas tree and home after the holidays.

8. I keep getting annoyed every time I think back about Christmas Eve and Christmas evening and how you'd swear I was the only damn parent in the house on both of those occasions. Seriously, dear SIL, watch your child, discipline the little f*cker when he needs it, and do or say something when he curses like a sailor. Because if you don't, I swear to god, I will. When your 4-year-old is at a family gathering and walks down the hall to the bathroom, saying that no one should bother him because "he's going to take a shit", you really should do or say something. Laughing does not help. And if he ever clotheslines Hannah again like he did on Christmas night, I swear to god, I will beat his ass. And telling me the story (in front of him) of how he slammed his little one-year-old brother's face into the kitchen floor on purpose while you laugh and blow it off probably doesn't help either.

9. Decided that if they ever entertain the thought of having a third child, I'm calling the Child-Bearing Police and telling them there's been a violation.

10. Realized that Hannah really is turning into a mini Grace. Now this isn't all bad, since Grace really does kick ass in the personality/charm department. But it does mean I need to increase my alcohol intake and perhaps seek therapy.

11. Potty training really is more trouble than it's worth. Screw the savings... I'll pay for the damn diapers.

12. Wondered why I continue to tell myself (and others) that I really don't mind painting, when in reality, I think it sucks ass, I hate it, and I'm really not very good at it at all.


geenalyn said...

painting does indeed suck ass...and yet i'm already thinking about colors for other rooms of the house because i hate the all over tan color that the previous owners had...

And i totally agree about potty training hence the reason i still have three kids in diapers and am in NO rush at all to do anything about it.

and if my SIL had acted that way i would have reamed her out...i won't stand for anyone hurting my kids...

Tink said...

I would TOTALLY pay the money for #7. I hate hate hate undecorating the tree. One year I honestly contemplated throwing it out, lights/bulbs and all.

EE said...

UGH, your SIL acted exactly like mine does.....anytime she gets other adults around her she "quits"
parenting and pretty much makes (by ignoring everything her son is doing) every other adult around try to manage him. And you know about my Thanksgiving episode of nephew pummeling Haley on numerous occasions before I went off on him.

Alien said...

OMG EE, it sucks. And I will say that usually, the SIL is "dealing with" her 1-year-old. The thing is, the kid doesn't do anything. He doesn't walk yet, I swear I've never heard him make a noise or cry, and he usually sits quietly and plays by himself. Lady, let your good ol' hubby deal with the younger one, and WATCH your sometimes demon-like 4-year-old!

And I will be the first person to say that when Grace is WITH this child, she acts the same way. She is NOT well-behaved (usually) when she's around them, and they're both EQUALLY guilty at egging each other on. However, then why am I always the only one watching them/telling them to knock it off/making sure they don't kill each other? Dear lord...

And Geena, I didn't really "stand for it". LOL! But there were literally about 20 other people in the room and there was no way in hell I was going to throw a fit in front of that many people. Hannah was OK and everyone there sort of turned to my SIL in disbelief that she didn't say something to my nephew, so I knew that they at least recognized the "issue".