Sunday, July 17, 2005

Word travels fast...

So, the whole family went on our weekly adventure to fill up our water jugs at the natural spring in the next town over. You fill them at the town's Rod & Gun Club, where Steve is a member and we know most of the people. So we start filling up the jugs and our drunk friend, Dizzard, yells off the gun club balcony. So Steve starts to yell up to invite him to the pig roast and tell him his invite is in the mail (as of tomorrow actually) and he yells back, "Yeah. I heard about it! August 6th right? I'll be there!"

Um, excuse me? You heard about it? From who exactly? Not that we care, mind you. But not a single invitation has been mailed. We've told a few people here and there, but we have no idea who told him. LOL!

Moral of the story? We may have all sorts of people showing up that day that we didn't invite, but that heard it through the grapevine. That's cool and all, but man, it's scary when you live in a town that spreads news so fast. Remind me never to cheat on Steve. ;)


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