Monday, July 11, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Monday)...

1) Taking the girls to the park, McDonald's, and to rent some movies. I was sort of dreading it, but it was so much fun watching them have fun.

2) My friend from high school was there with her little boy too, so it was really nice to catch up and hang out.

3) She happens to be married to my dentist and he called her on her cell phone while we were at the park. She told him my other tooth cracked and when he told her to tell me to call him, I made a joke about not having insurance right now and that I had to wait. He told her to tell me not to worry about that and to call me if it bothers me. I love small towns and nice people. I thik I'll invite them to the pigroast.

4) Hannah falling asleep on the chair (which never happens) about 10 minutes after we got home. LOL!

5) Steve was in a good mood tonight when he got home from work and even grabbed my ass a few times. Whew! We're OK again for now.

6) Hell's Kitchen rocked tonight! All 2 hours of it.

7) I despise snotty, holier-than-thou people.

8) In observing Grace lately (since she's been in just her underwear a lot the past few days), I think she's going to grow up with a kick ass body that I can only dream of, with curves in all the right places. *jealous sigh*

9) Grace gave herself her first "hickey" today after sucking on the top to one of those baby bottle pop lollipops. I thought she just had a dirty ring around her mouth, but it wouldn't come off in the tub. So my four year old has a "hickey goatee". Fanfuckingtastic. LMFAO!

10) I keep telling myself I'm going to have a yardsale in a few weeks, when in reality, I know I'm full of shit.

11) I just drank the floatee things in my beer because, well, I just didn't care.

12) I washed my car today for only the third time ever since buying it four years ago.

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