Sunday, July 17, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Sunday)...

1) Slept in until 9:30! OMG! I feel like a new woman! (Until 10 minutes after the girls got home from my parents' house. Then it was back to dragging my ass. LOL!)

2) Went to my FIL's for a bit. It's a royal pain in the ass watching the girls there because of all the possible dangers (pool, snakes, bears...). But they had a blast (and no one drowned, got bitten or got eaten), which is all that matters I suppose.

3) The HUGE hunk of steak I had for dinner. I don't know how people cannot like red meat...

4) Cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate syrup. Yummm! (Food seems to have been an important part of my day today...)

5) Found out a couple we know is getting divorced after 25 years of marriage and four kids. She caught him with a stripper a few months ago and wanted to work it out, but he said he "just wants to be single right now". Asshole. But she's taking half of everything (which is a lot) so good for her.

6) Realized that if we don't buy or borrow a vacuum soon (since Steve tried to use ours for a boomerang), that I may lose my children under a large pile of cat hair, crumbs, and large fuzz balls.

7) Watched the first hour of the Jackie Gleason story/movie on TV tonight and wish I hadn't. I adored him growing up, and now realize he was a drunken asshole. How very disappointing. :(

8) Watched Gracie swim in her pool in the pouring down rain today and reminisced about how much fun that was when I was a kid. *sigh* Those were the days...

9) Decided that next time she swims in the rain, I'll swim with her.