Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Wednesday)...

1) I finally painted the bathroom. It went from really bad baby blue to a pretty, dark sage color. Tomorrow I have to paint the trim. I hate painting trim. Ugh.

2) I was contacted by my old manager at FCG. I totally forgot that her and her husband own a consulting company that contracts out technical writers and pays WAY more than FCG did. YAHOO! I may start trying to pull in some gigs through her. And she'd be willing to work to get me a lot of work-from-home assignments.

3) Steve took the news about the bank loan WAY better than I thought he would. (Yeah, I didn't tell him until today.) He's pissed at the damn crooked piece of shit bank and not me, so that's a HUGE relief.

4) Sex in the afternoon really is more fun than nighttime sex sometimes.

5) Actually having to pay attention to prices and sales while grocery shopping adds a considerable amount of time onto the trip.

6) Fighting with a parent sucks more when you're an adult than when you were a kid and didn't give a shit.

7) Printed out all 60 pig roast invites today. I will get them in the mail tomorrow... I will get them in the mail tomorrow... I will get them in the mail tomorrow...

8) Long John Silver's chicken planks may be the best damn fast food on the planet.

9) I really need to start eating better. Or um, at all. *sigh*

10) I would screw Dave Navarro's brains out if given the opportunity. Granted, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't feel the same about me, but I can pretend it could happen in my little fantasy world. Play along, will ya?

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