Friday, July 15, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Friday)...

1) Enjoyed a "picnic" dinner of chicken nuggets shared with the girls inside the tent set up in our playroom. But Grace insisted on having it zipped up and I put an end to the little event when I thought I was bordering on suffocation.

2) Grace picked up her play phone and pretended to talk into it... "Hello? I'd like to order a red lipstick that my brother can't have. Thanks. Bye. Oh wait! And a pizza please too!" Um, brother? Lipstick? Alrighty then..

3) Met with Kitchen Designer Dude #2, where hopefully we'll get some better prices on some cabinets.

4) Beer. Beer is good after a day like today.

5) Steve fell asleep in the recliner while holding his beer and then dumped said beer on himself in his sleep, which woke him up rather, um, suddenly. LMAO! (He wasn't nearly as amused by it.) Smooth move Einstein.

6) Whoever invented the toothpick is a genius (and a god).

7) Eating healthy food and small portions throughout the day means nothing if when evening rolls around, you are shoving every known junkfood known to man down your throat in portion sizes normally reserved for circus elephants.

8) Played a game of Chicken with the neighbor's garage door while trying to run under it before it shut. I almost lost.

9) Ate Lucky Charms for both breakfast AND lunch. Not because I had to. Just because Lucky Charms ROCK!

10) Contemplated why the General Mills folks just don't sell Lucky Charms as 100% marshmallows. I mean the "cereal" part sucks and looks like catfood. And everyone I've ever talked to said they were only eating it for the marshmallows. So why not tap into that market folks?

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