Thursday, July 28, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Thursday)...

1) Got a whopping 4 hours of sleep, thanks to a 2-year-old who decided that 3:30 AM was a fine time to wake up and not go back to sleep for 2 hours.

2) Had an anxiety attack around 4:30 AM regarding the current status of the kitchen and coming to the realization that it probably won't be done by Christmas. Like, for real. It won't be. We usually host Christmas for our families so god only knows what will happen this year. :(

3) Walked into the play room at one point to find Hannah trying to pull off Grace's underwear while laughing like possessed by the devil himself. Good times in the Lienhard house, I tell ya.

4) Discovered that Grace really likes the Mary Kate & Ashley movies my mom's been picking up in the Bargain Bin for $1.00 at the local Big Lots. God help me...

5) A new aforementioned Mary Kate & Ashley movie is the reason Grace decided to sleep at my parent's house tonight, telling me, "Don't tell Hannah. I want to go by myself!"

6) Took the girls to the "World's Largest General Store" for a fun afternoon of sliding board activity, petting zoo fun, and looking at all the fake animals throughout the store.

7) While there, avoided the kitchen department at all costs in fear of running into Kitchen Guy #2.

8) Realized after we got home that I really could tell them we were at an amusement park/zoo and they wouldn't know the difference. (And the admission is free...)

9) Decided Grace really is the coolest kid on the planet.

10) Decided Hannah's the sweetest, most polite kid on the planet.

11) Decided that neither of them takes after their parents.

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