Sunday, July 10, 2005

Men Suck

What a fucking sucky day. Steve and I had our usual monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) blowout today about the house not being spotless. He'd like it to be spotless. I explained he's living in a fucking dreamworld. I will admit that I should get more done around here and I should clean more. But telling me to do it and lecturing me is exactly why I don't do it. I'm a spiteful bitch. You would think he would've learned this after knowing me for 7 years.

I also know he's stressed out beyond belief about our finances lately. That stupid kitchen, coupled with the usual bills, me not working, etc. has finally put him over the edge. I know he's under a lot of pressure. I really do. But don't imply that I'm living this carefree life where I don't give a shit and am flipping you the mental bird on a daily basis. And don't call me lazy. Because I will maim you.

Tomorrow's going to suck too. Tomorrow's when I'm going to inform him that due to recent events, the loan for the kitchen isn't going to be at the interest rate we had wanted. The bank called last week but I haven't had the balls (or the heart) to tell him yet. *sigh* If I'm divorced at the end of the day tomorrow, don't be surprised...

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