Friday, July 22, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Friday)...

1) Managed to control myself when every ounce of my being wanted to beat the living tar out of both of my children. :)

2) Managed to get both hellions to nap today with about an hour of overlap. A very rare occurance indeed.

3) Had Long John Silver's for dinner. Ahoy matey!

4) Upon arriving at the local park, saw about 15 teenage boys smoking like fiends and trying to keep their way-too-large, hanging-down-past-their-asses pants up while playing basketball and decided I'm glad I have two girls.

5) At the same park, saw a teenage mother (god bless her) and another girl who was wearing a skirt short enough to pretty much be pointless and thought that maybe two boys wouldn't be so bad after all.

6) Hid in shame when Grace also saw the boys and yelled loudly enough for the whole town to hear, "HEY! You can see their underwear!"

7) Walked around for hours with blobs of lavendar cream blush smeared on my cheeks (Grace put it there) because I forgot about it and no one mentioned it to me.

8) Had Steve inform me that while waiting for his turn to get a haircut he was reading "Glamour" magazine and got a "half hard on" while reading an article of sex tips for women. He says I should subscribe to it. I told him to fuck off and bite me.

9) Added doll #1,345,688 to Hannah's collection because it was easier to spend the $3.99 on the plastic piece of crap with choking hazards included than it would've been to deal with the tantrum that would've occurred had I said no.

10) Ebay auctions are at $79.24 and climbing.