Monday, July 25, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Monday)...

1) Both girls slept into the 7:00 hour this morning. 7:01 to be exact. I'll take it.

2) Enjoyed the fantastic thunderstorm this morning when we woke up. (Thunderstorms rock!)

3) Only had to spend about 90 minutes total outside today in the sweltering heat.

4) Hell's Kitchen starts in 10 minutes. LOVE that show!

5) Just ate a delectable stromboli from my favorite Italian eatery. (And have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.)

6) Wanted to beat the living shit out of Steve in the grocery store tonight when he spent literally ten minutes in the bakery department trying to decide which container of fresh baked cookies to buy. "Dude, I'm HUNGRY! Pick some fucking cookies and let's GO for the love of god!"

7) Both girls are spending the night at my parents' house tonight and Steve heads off to work in the morning. That means I can SLEEP IN!!!!

8) Laughed when Grace told Steve, "She loves him, but she doesn't like his fuzz." (She meant his goatee because it scratches her when she kisses him.)

9) Only have about 25 dishes/sippy cups/plastic utensils to wash in the bathroom sink tonight, as compared to the usual 5 billion.

10) The girls outfits matched today. I take great pleasure in this for some reason.

11) OK, so I came back to add this after "Hell's Kitchen" ended. Thank GOD Jessica is gone! I didn't dislike her really, but she certainly wasn't on the same level as Michael and Ralph. I cannot wait until next week. GO MICHAEL! (Yes, I'm that pathetic.)


allthatandabagofmilk said...

gawd i haven't had a stromboli in years!! i could totally go for one right now...Canada freakin' SUCKS!!

Alien said...

{rolling eyes} I've been telling you that for about THREE YEARS NOW! For the love of god... ;)

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