Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Tuesday)...

1) Slept in until 8:30. Sa-weet!

2) Accomplished quite a bit, including washing the cat piss smelling quilt, sheets, and random towels that were in a garbage bag in our "kitchen"/storage room upstairs and have been sitting there for oh, about a year now.

3) Was oh-so-proud when I told Grace, "You're so pretty, Sweetie" and she responded by belching right in my face... Loudly. *sigh* (There's always Hannah... There's always Hannah... There's always Hannah...)

4) Had an "incident" today when Grace somehow managed to get my nasal spray off my computer desk and spray it up one of her nostrils. All was good until 5 minutes later when she was screaming that her nose hurt. This screaming/crying/meltdown continued for a good half hour or so, and when I eventually pulled that mom crap and said, "See why you shouldn't touch Mommy's stuff?" and she said (between sobs and very angrily), "Well YOU shouldn't have had it there where I could get it! It's YOUR fault!"

5) Hung my head in shame when I realized my four-year-old was right. *sigh*

6) Realized I have no choice but to be "the one" that talks to Kitchen Guy #2 about wanting a blueprint but no cabinets since he's coming tomorrow morning to get exact measurements of the room and Steve will be working. Great. Real fucking great.

7) Watched the second episode of Miami Ink on TLC and have now decided I don't want a tattoo... I need a tattoo.

8) I was in the backyard with the girls after dinner in shorts and a fairly tight tank top and no bra (since it's too fucking hot). Well, as fate would have it, Steve's high school buddy stopped by. Great. Then the neighbor walks over to show us some samples of floor tiles for the kitchen. Even better. As if this wasn't uncomfortable enough, and as if there wasn't enough stress wondering if my nipples were hard, I realize that I have HUGE sweat marks on my shirt, right under my boobs. Yeah. I'm real proud of that moment.

9) I am now paranoid becuase after everyone left, Steve informed me that at one point when I bent over, he could see my nipples and I've spent every second since then desperately trying to remember if I bent over at all in front of the other two guys. If the neighbor starts calling me "Nips", I'm moving.

10) In re-reading the first nine items in this list, have realized that I really am white trash, raising white trash children. Nice. Real nice.

11) Realized I forgot to call the guy that's getting us a pig for the pig roast. I suck.

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