Sunday, April 09, 2006

What an Odd Day...

My gut reaction would be to say, "Holy Hell, what a crappy day." But it really wasn't that bad.

* The four of us headed 30 miles away so Steve could buy a new golf club (which he's been wanting for like 3 years now). You have to understand that we take the girls nowhere we don't have to, just because we realize that certain places we go aren't even remotely "fun" for a 2-year-old and a four-year-old.

* We head to the first store, Dick's Sporting Goods (which makes me chuckle every time I say "Dicks") and Steve couldn't find one he liked. While he looked, I spent the time repeating, "Grace, get off of the exercise equipment... Grace, stop touching things... Grace, don't swing the bat in here... Hannah, I have help you push the cart so you don't run into something... etc."

* Rolled my eyes when Steve decided to buy Grace a $30.00 T-ball tee. It rotates, has adjustable height settings, and can be angled any way you'd like. Dude, she's FOUR. And she's going to be playing T-BALL. For the love of...

* Headed to store #2 (Sports Authority) where Steve (again) couldn't find one he wanted. Luckily, I kept the heathens entertained by allowing them to dribble soccer balls and counting how many times they could do it in a row.

* Was informed (by Steve) that he wanted to check out "Golf USA" next. Um, OK. Small store, only golf equipment, narrow aisles. Um, no thanks.

* So we parked in Michael's Crafts' parking lot and I took the girls in there while Steve walked down the road to Golf USA.

* Entertained the children for awhile, looking at kids' crafts, bubble stuff, crayons, art supplies, etc.

* Hannah begins getting tired and starts screaming about every little thing that she didn't agree with.

* I contemplate taking them out to wait in the car until I remember that Steve has the car keys with him. Fuck.

* Smile apologetically to the people walking past us as Hannah throws herself on the floor and Grace continues to pick up everything within her reach.

* Decide I've had enough and grab a deluxe bubble blowing kit, figuring I'll pay for it and then take the girls outside and blow bubbles while we wait for Steve.

* Praised all gods when Steve walked in as I was paying for the stuff.

* Got home and Hannah outright refused to nap, despite being obviously tired.

* Threw them outside with their new bubble stuff, deluxe T-ball tee, and some lemonade, and told them we weren't coming in until bedtime.

* Kissed Hannah's ass all day long in a feeble attempt to keep the WAY overtired child from having a meltdown tantrum due to her lack of a nap.

* Wondered what the hell I was thinking when I sent Steve off to the driving range with his new club, right in the midst of horrendous meltdowns by both children. I literally had to scream "goodbye" to him as he walked out the door. Have fun, dude. Just make sure you bring home more beer.

* Knew it was bad when he wished me good luck as he drove away. LOL!

* Decided that if the neighbor's dog doesn't stop running into our yard, stealing the girls' balls, and taking them back to his yard, I may have to maim him.

* Got good take out (and an extra six-pack of beer) from one of our favorite local restaurants for dinner.

* Had both girls sleeping by 8:15. Rock on with my bad self.

* Had sex and didn't laugh. (Shut up. This is noteworthy news in my life.)


mama_tulip said...

My hairstylist and I were talking on Saturday about words that make us laugh every time we hear them. He was like, "I hate it when I hear someone calling a cat a pussy." LOL. The word shaft was mentioned too. We're such pervs...immature pervs.

Kim said...

LOL! There's a grocery store in my hometown called "Dicks". I chuckle too! ;)

Emily said...

I love shuffling through stores with a kid in melt down mode....yeeesh...LOL

Dick's...hehe.....made me laugh too, before I even read you found it funny...LOL

EE said...

I hate trapsing around "boy" stores w/ the kids, trying to keep them out of everything....

I was super bummed Grey's Anatomy was a repeat.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »