Friday, April 28, 2006

Thoughts? Who Said I Had Any Thoughts?

So I'm experiencing a little bit of blogger's block. I sit here at night, wondering what to blog about. Now that I'm working again, and the kids are dragging me outside every waking moment of the day, nothing funny or exciting seems to happen. And reading lots and lots of financial documents for my new freelancing job seems to have sucked all of the creative juices out of my body.

So I came here tonight and I was going to blog about how I've finally been given the go ahead on my freelance gig to actually write some stuff (as opposed to the editing I've been doing up until now) and how that just has me giddy with excitement. But then I realized that's pretty boring to the average reader who doesn't give a rat's ass about the particulars of my assignment.

So then I thought I'd blog about how the girls convinced me to take them to the park at noon today, a mere hour before Hannah's normal nap time.... And how when we got there, I realized she had peed in her pants a little bit and how I thanked god I still had that bag of clothing in my trunk that I had been planning on dropping off at Goodwill for a good year now.... And how in that bag happened to be a pair of pants that were WAY too big for her, but that had a drawstring waist so we made due.... And how, when Grace told her to TELL us when she has to potty, Hannah said, "But the potties here are stinky. I don't like stinky potties!" and I almost pissed myself because this child really does hate port-a-potties. But then I realized that wasn't really that witty either.

So next I considered sharing my story about how after Grace's gymnastics class tonight, I had to run to the accountant's office to pick up Steve's quarterly tax files, so I grabbed the girls some McDonald's Happy Meals to eat in the car on the way.... And how I just handed the bag to Hannah and forgot to take her pickle out of her cheeseburger.... And how she ate half of it and then took a bite that included pickle and she freaked out and started screaming and yelling for me to get it out.... And how no matter how kindly I tried to convince her to just spit the damn pickle into her bag and be done with it, she refused, and instead opted to sit there, keep the half chewed pickle in her mouth, and cry, all the while refusing to even close her mouth for the next 10 minutes until we got to the accountant's and I could get out of the car and retrieve the half chewed pickle from her mouth.... But then I realized that it was kind of mean I made my kid keep food she didn't like half chewed in her mouth for 10 minutes and was worried some of you would think I was cruel (which I suppose in some ways, I am, but I don't need to go advertising it or anything).

So instead, I'll just wish all of you a very happy weekend. ;)

Have a good one guys!


Amber said...

Laughing. And you are not mean. I am mean. I would have made Wyatt swallow it, and hope it didn't make him puke! Actually, I think I HAVE done that! LOL

Yep. I'm mean.


EE said...

I don't think that was mean at all, lol. I would have done the exact same thing. Although I would have been tempted to pull over, pissed, to deal w/ it bc I couldn't stand listening to the crying about it. LOL!

So your kid would rather pee her pants than use a stinky port-a-potty. And my kid just whips it out wherever he pleases. Niiice.

Janet said...

Good job on the assignment! I bet it is very exciting!

EE, Hannah's pee is her pee, not someone else's! I could see the logic to pee in my pants rather than sit in a port-a potty;-) LOL

You are not mean. If you are cruising down the road how are you supposed to grab a slimy pickle out of her mouth? We have pickle issues in our home too!

Chelle Y. said...

I'm with Amber, I probably would have made Brendan swallow it. Then again, if I accidentally bite a mushroom, I'd spit it out onto the car floor! There is no way I would have kept that flithy thing in my mouth! :o)

Amber said...

LMAO Chelle!! Me too! I SO would spit it out. Ha!


mama_tulip said...

And you said you had nothing to blog about.

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