Monday, April 24, 2006

Check in tomorrow morning, gang...

I'll tell you ALLLL about my crazyass day today. But right now, I'm too tired to get into it. This morning, I mostly had to fight the urge to put my children up for adoption, due to their horrendous, out of control behavior. But then the sun came out and I threw them outside instead.

Anyway, the day involved groceries, a practically flooded bathroom, fishing, sea animals, laundry, new music, INSANE children, and a partridge in a pear tree. ;)

Seriously though... I'll blog tomorrow morning, probably WAY before most of you even read this, and all will be well with the world. Peace out.

Sorry. OK. My day in a nutshell...

** Woke up and looked outside to see torrential downpours and some flashes of lightning.

** Discovered Steve wasn't going to work. [sigh]

** Within 10 minutes of both children being awake, they were picking at each other, annoying each other, and at times, being downright mean. [sigh]

** Was thrilled when Steve said he was going to head out fishing since the rain had slowed down and was supposed to stop.

** Was not so thrilled when Steve laid $100 on the counter and asked if I could go grocery shopping... with both girls... in the rain. [sigh]

** Managed to get myself and the children showered and dressed (amid the fighting) and threw them in the car.

** Headed to the grocery store, where Grace kept managing to knock things off the shelves (even while sitting in the cart), and the two of them were just hyper in general. And whiny. [sigh]

** Treated myself to the Teddy Geiger CD, since I had just cashed my first paycheck from my new gig.

** Gave in when Hannah threw a holy hell tantrum at the checkout because she wanted the foot-long Slim Jims that were displayed there.

** Came home where the girls reached a new level of hyperness.

** In the middle of putting the groceries away, heard giggling in the bathroom and walked in to find Hannah repeatedly filling an entire cup of water and throwing the water at Grace, essentially flooding the bathroom floor. [sigh]

** Glimpsed the sun peeking out around 1:00 and practically threw the children outside, not caring that it was Hannah's naptime.

** Was happy to see them burning off some of their pent up energy.

** Hannah finally crashed around 2:30, so I let her sleep an hour and woke her back up.

** Played video games with Grace and was a bit pissed that she kept beating me. And I wasn't letting her beat me.

** Threw them back outside.

** Watched Steve take almost 5 hours to figure out his smoker and smoke the fish he had caught in the morning.

** Drug them in the house around 6:30 for baths and so I could start supper.

** Threw them in the tub with their plastic sea animals (LOL Katherine), where Grace made the 2 guys that came with the set have the following conversation:

Guy #1: This was my granddad's boat. But he's too old now, so he gave it to me.
Guy #2: That's nice.
Guy #1: Well, you should know... you're my granddad.
Guy #2: Oh yeah. I forgot.
Guy #1: See, I told you you're too old to have the boat.
[Waves crash and overtake the boat.]
Guy #1: Granddad, are you OK?!
Guy #2: [Glub. Glub.]
Guy #1: Oh no. Granddad's dead.

** Got them in jammies and started supper.

** Had to practically wake Grace up to eat she was so exhausted.

** Was happy when both children were out cold by 8:30, allowing me to sit and watch "The Apprentice" from the beginning. (SO happy about who was fired BTW.)


mama_tulip said...

Sea animals?

Chelle Y. said...

My nephews love the sea monkeys! :o)

I hope your day is a better one.

Amber said...

Ah, hello?....Waiting to hear the story.... (tapping fingers impatiently)


Tink said...

"Guy #1: Well, you should know... you're my granddad.
Guy #2: Oh yeah. I forgot."


I'm sorry your day was so crazy.

mama_tulip said...

LMAO. Okay, sea animals. Gotcha.

(And yeah, I was totally pleased with who got the boot on the Apprentice. It was due time.)

Alien said...

LMAO Tink! I swear I almost PISSED myself.

EE said...

Oooo, I LOVE Teddy Geiger.

I was *so* happy that person got the boot. Good ridence!

Kim said...

What an imagination Gracie has! Hilarious!

Amber said...

That kid is SO.FREAKIN.FUNNY!! I would have died laughing. Died. And I use the toilet as a seat when I watch the kids in the bath, so...I would have been like Elvis. only from laughing. At your kid.


Janet said...

Grace cracks me up! I just love her!

Sorry for the tough day!

Chelle Y. said...

Your husband sounds like my BIL. He'll go fishing any time he can. He was born and reared in NC.

Alien said...

LOL Chelle! Actually, this is the first year Steve's had his fishing license since 1997. Hunting and golfing are his big things (mostly hunting). But he decided this year to fish too. Because, you know... he certainly needs another hobby. LMFAO!

Chelle Y. said...

Steve's such a "guy!" My son asked me why would his cousins want to move to NC. He said, "All they do is fish and hunt for frogs there!" Do I have a California boy, or what? :o)

Anonymous said...

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