Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's Still Thursday...

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13 UPDATES OF MY LIFE (Since I haven't been around in like... forever)

1. I'm on day 1,000,000 of my kick ass sinus infection (or so it seems). Blowing one's nose (literally) 75+ times in one day makes for one sore nose and one pissed off chick.

2. Lost 6 lbs. in the past week due to the aforementioned sinus infection and having no appetite what-so-ever. (See? Always look for the silver lining, my friends...)

3. Spent the entire first half of the day at the daycare with Hannah clinging to me like fucking velcro and not allowing me to do so much as pee without her having a damn hissy fit. (It's called independence, my child. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

4. Landed a freelance technical writing gig today, thanks to a lead sent to me by Kim, who friggin' RULES!

5. Ran into my default Beer Pong partner from our annual pig roasts while at Home Depot yesterday. Due to some things he told me, decided he's even more admirable than I originally thought. Seriously, the dude deserves some sort of medal (or a lot of free beer). He treats his parents better than most people I know. :(

6. Smiled to myself when I just remember how Beer Pong Dude and I kick fucking ass every year at the pig roast.

7. Decided that my goal over the next or so years will be to steer Grace toward a college scholarship for softball. Seriously, when a four-year-old girl can slam a softball from one end of our property to another (literally) when it's pitched to her, it's time to take advantage of that talent. Screw this gymnastics crap. We're aiming for sports involving balls. ;)

8. Think I pulled a muscle in my fingers while squirting nasal spray up my snot-clogged nose over the past week.

9. Swayed another one to "the dark side" in only a week. We rule.

10. Wondered what the long-term (and/or short-term) effects are of combining sinus medications with several beers in the same night.

11. Decided I didn't really give a shit.

12. Decided that if I ever meet the little, short, fat, inventor dude from American Inventor in real life, that I'm going to squash him and tell him what an arrogant ass he is.

13. Received a lottery chain letter from Steve's cousin, which included a scratch off ticket with instructions to either send four scratch off tickets to the other two people on the list, or send the unscratched ticket back to the sender if not willing to participate in the whole scheme. I scratched it off and won two bucks. Bite me, losers.


Amber said...

I know this sounds funny, but really do it. Use baby wipes with aloe as tissue. Even though it's wet,you will thank me. Trust me. I have clogged nose issues A LOT.


mama_tulip said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, dude. Sinus infections suck. But you know that already.

Melissa said...

LMAO! Yay on the job! Quin has been so clingy with me lately too! Last night I went to the grocery store and he cried the whole two hours I was gone. Lance was ready to cry himself when I got home. LOL

I forgot to whatch American Inventor again! Dammit!

Anonymous said...

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