Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Mom at Last Night's T-Ball Practice Who Sat in Front of Us,

Although you seemed like a very nice person, I really didn't want to have to stare at your thong and the top of your ass crack when you sat down on the bleachers and your low-rise jeans slid down. Now although it looked like a hot little red thong, and your ass crack wasn't unattractive, it's just not something I want to see at my four-year-old's T-ball game. And see, it was kind of like a car accident... I din't want to keep staring at it, but I couldn't not stare at it.

So for my sake, can you please either wear a shirt that covers your ass crack next time, or maybe sit behind me?




Belynda said...

Yuck! I totally don't get the whole showing your underwear in public trend...It seems so high schoolish.

If it happens again, just give her undies a nice little tug...LOL

Susan said...


That is so, you did not want to see that.

Slacker Mom said...
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Slacker Mom said...


That's something I want to see. NOT

I guess she was hoping a MAN would sit behind her.

She's got to be a bit daft if she wants to get sexual attention from a kid's Dad at t-ball.

Get a life, girlfriend!

Chelle Y. said...

Hey, Alien, it's worse when you see that in church! LOL

Oh, to be young and thin again! :o)

mama_tulip said...

I just don't get that fashion statement. I hate seeing like, barely teenage girls sauntering around the mall with their pants pulled down and their undies hiked up. I don't have anything against butt floss, but I don't wanna see that you're wearing it, ya know?

Amber said...

It's like that chick in my pilates class! What IS that?!

Seriously, a little class please? Not much. Just a little...



Kim said...

Next time just slide a piece of ice down her ass crack. That ought to get her to move. ;)

Alien said...

I don't know why, but I'm about to "defend" the thong wearing, ass crack baring girl. LOL!

For what it's worth, her thong was NOT sticking out of her pants when she was standing. So I don't think she was "trying" to show them off.

And I too wear low rise pants, and I too, have had this "issue". The thing is that I'm AWARE that this can happen. So BEFORE I leave the house, I always do "The Sit Test". If my thong and/or ass crack shows, I make sure I a) wear a shirt long enough to cover the offending area... b) tie a hoodie around my waist or something... c) wear a belt so that even while sitting, the belt kind of "holds" the top of my pants in the right area... or d) change my pants.

She did seem very, VERY nice. I just think she was a bit clueless in terms of her wardrobe malfunction. LOL!

Amber said...

Naaaah. You're too nice!


Tink said...

You should have thrown things down it. I bet she'd think a little harder about what she's going to wear next time. :)

Anonymous said...

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