Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bloggers Anonymous

You know you have a problem when you leave a job interview and are disappointed that it went well and was so "normal" because it means you have nothing funny or interesting to blog about. I seriously walked out of there feeling like a failure because I made absolutely no smartass comments and cracked no jokes. [sigh] I'm losing my touch. I felt like I had failed you all. LOL!

Seriously though, it went well and they're sending me a subcontractor's contract on Friday to sign so they can start using me to edit their training materials whenever they need me. It certainly won't put a lot of meat on the table, but hell, it's some cash, right? And actually, right before I left for the interview this morning, I got a call from a consulting company that is submitting my resume to a large pharmaceutical company that is looking for a tech writer. I've done TONS of work for this particular pharma company in the past (they were my #1 client at my last job), so hopefully, they'll call me in for an interview. It's a 10-month contract, so that would be cool. And it would be as a subcontractor which means a buttload more money than if I was working as a normal employee. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Now. On to other news...

It fucking snowed this morning. What the hell is that all about? Give me my goddamn spring sunshine, will ya Mother Nature? You're aggravating me.


I taught Grace how to tie her shoes tonight. She's been bugging me to teach her for about 2 weeks now, and I finally showed her. It takes her forever to do it, but she can definitely do it. She's so proud. (Note to self: Do not EVER become a teacher because you have zero tolerance when someone (even a child [blush]) doesn't learn something on the first try.)


How about some TV talk?

American Idol. Holy shit! I was a little surprised with the bottom three! I wish it had been Paris that had gone home. The little shit annoys me. She reminds me of a slutty Minnie Mouse on crack.


LOST. O...M...G. I knew that Libby chick was something more than she was saying. What the hell? When they showed that last scene, I swear I almost shit my pants. So what do y'all think? Is she an Other? Does she even remember being in the mental ward? Why was she on the same plane as Hurley? OMG. I am sooo glad it's finally getting good again! It's about damn time... [grumble grumble]


Amazing Race. I'm a little bummed about who got eliminated. Seriously... can the old people go home now? Fran and Barry, I'm sure you're very nice people in real life. But you annoy me. And no team that has overlooked as many clue boxes as you have, should've gotten this far.

The Frat Boys and the Hippies together make me piss myself. Oh my god. When the hippies made that sign-in sheet and then the Frat Boys got there and were like, "Did they make this? Did they put this pen here? Yeah. That's real official looking..." I almost pissed myself laughing. The Hippies are still my favorites, but I truly hope it comes down to the four of them just for comedic purposes.

Who the hell names a child "Lake" anyway? Just curious. I don't hate him nearly as much as most other people seem to, but his name is gay.

MoJo almost fell apart. That bummed me out. I wanted (and expected) so much to hate the "pretty team" when the show started. But really, they seem pretty cool and are doing well. But they made me a little nervous tonight when they were freakin' out at each other.


Dear Steve,

Dry humping the air and saying "I know what we're doing later," is a surefire way to not get laid. Because although I found it funny as hell and we laughed about it, it does not make me want to screw you, blow you, or give you a hand job.



Melissa said...

Aw, man, I was really hoping to hear some crazy interview stories. LOL

You would be the coolest teacher ever! The kids would love you.

I cannot believe who got voted off. I'm bummed, she was my favorite. I missed the show (Wednesday is my night out of the house LOL), and had to do a blogger search to find someone who had revealed the results.

LOL @ Steve. What a dork.

gb said...

I am really hoping that the hippies win. They are having the most fun of anyone I have ever seen play that game. Good for them! And they are so nice to everyone too.

As for Steve, I feel for him. Inside all us men are boys, and we all have done that! I am sure all our wives are thinking the same thing you are. But the question is, did he get some anyway??????

Alien said...

No GB, he didn't. Because he fell asleep halfway through LOST and when I woke him up at 11:00, he just stumbled blindly up to bed. LOL! NOT my fault!

Alien said...

Oh, and Melissa, no, I would not be the coolest teacher ever. I have problems teaching anyone anything because I get frustrated and annoyed when someone doesn't pick up on something quickly. I have issues, my friend... LOL!

EE said...

OMG, AI, I was *stunned*. So was the audience! Did you see that like whole minute of silence?!

AR...OMG those hippies are FUNNY. And I love the Frat boys. I totally agree w/ you, the four of them together rock. I am one of those pple that HATE Lake. GET OFF MY TV YOU POMPASS ASS. Anyone tells me to "shut up" in that tone is going to get their ass kicked. It's just flat RUDE.

Lost was AWESOME! I think Libby remembers being in the hospital. Only bc did you SEE the way she LOOKED at Hurly?! It was like...evil.

Good tv.

LMAO at Steve. Niiiiiiiiice.

Tink said...

*Puts fingers in ears* Lalalalala I don't want to hear about LOST yet. I'm waiting for the DVD.

Steve... *Eyeroll*

Congrats on the great interview. Not having blog fodder is a good thing sometimes. :)

Slacker Mom said...

Don't you love the way married men let you know they want some?

And it still doesn't work!

When will they learn?

gb said...

Probably never!!

mama_tulip said...

There is way more to the Libby/mental ward story than meets the eye, I think. I can't wait for that storyline to unfold.

Who got booted off of AI? I missed it.

And seriously LMAO at Steve. That is so, so something Dave would do. Honest to God.

Alien said...

Madesa (sp?) got booted. She DID suck this week, but I was still surprised.

And I'm slowly noticing on LOST, that ALL of them are somehow interconnected with each other. Whenever they show flashbacks, there is ALWAYS another one of the castaways in the scene somehow.

Like way back when the Asian guy (I can NEVER remember his name) went into that house to kill that guy (and then didn't), the guy and his daughter had been watching the news coverage of Hurley winning the lottery on TV.

And in the flashback where Cyid was captured by the US Army and was forced to torture his sergant, they showed Cyid talking to a US Army guy in a truck when they were taking Cyid out to let him go in the dessert. Cyid asked the guy if he had any children, and the guy said yes and showed him a picture of a little girl. The girl was actually Kate, meaning the guy who let Cyid go was actually Kate's dad.

Little things like that. It's all very creepy (and yet fantastically written).

Scully said...

LMAO re: Steve!

I totally know what you mean about blogging - I was thinking how funny it would be for me to blog about how much I hate getting pap smears and include a picture of my new OB taken while I was on the table with my camera phone. Except I was too chicken. I did walk across the building naked from the waist down only covered by that tissue thin piece of paper to get to the ultrasound room but thats not so much funny as it was personally humiliating.

Amber said...

I tried to post this to you twice today, and it didn't go through. :(

Kory as said and done that SAME thing. You must be crazy, 'cause I find it to be SO.SEXY.

Also, I thought that chick was going to be an 'other'. LOST is the best. And think, they still have so many people to work with for plot, because we haven't met all the survivors. Good T.V. :)

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