Saturday, April 15, 2006

Calgon? Anyone?

Wanna hear about my hellish day? Because I would really like to blog about it. LOL! Some of you have already heard about it. No need to comment if you don't want to. ;)
  • Was up until 1:00 AM last night working.
  • Slept like crap b/c of my sinus infection.
  • Woke up just in time to say goodby to Steve (who was heading out fishing) and be greeted by two cranky kids, one of which (Grace) feels like crap with a cold.
  • Worked some more (while the girls fought) and then showered (while the girls fought).
  • Threw them in the and drug them into the gas station just so I could get cash at the ATM for Steve to use for golfing this afternoon.
  • Threw them back in the car and dropped T-ball money off at the local park so Grace could start next week (while the girls fought).
  • Drove to the accountant to pick up all of our tax stuff (while the girls fought).
  • Headed to my mom's house so she could keep an eye on the girls while I worked some more. Sent off the document with a few questions and waited for a response.
  • Was thrilled when Grace fell asleep on my mom's couch.
  • Was bummed when Hannah didn't.
  • Watched the start time for a local egg hunt I had promised to take them to come and go.
  • Got a call and had to do some more work on the document.
  • Kicked myself for promising the girls I'd take them to the park (stupid egg hunt mommy guilt).
  • Sent the document back out with the changes made.
  • Threw the girls back into the car and headed for the park.
  • Had to drive past the park and come home so Hannah could potty first.
  • Went to the park (along with a billion other kids).
  • Left the park and got halfway home and realized I had left their jackets hanging on a fence at the park.
  • Turned around to retrieve the forgotten jackets.
  • Arrived home.
  • During all this, I remembered that I was supposed to make pasta salad for tomorrow, so my choices were to throw the girls BACK into the car and go to the (probably packed) grocery store, OR wait until after 7:00 tonight when Steve gets home from golfing so I can go by myself.
  • Watched an overtired Hannah throw a bazillion crazy ass tantrums that last about 30 minutes each.
  • Didn't even care when she fell asleep at 5:00. I was so happy to NOT hear her crying, that I couldn't have cared less if she was up until midnight tonight because of her late nap.
  • Made a trip to the grocery store at 7:45 once Steve finally got home from golfing.
  • Stopped at the beer distributor to grab a case of beer.
  • On the way home, got to a stop sign just as the railroad crossing barrier came down.
  • Sat and watched a fucking train go by for 10 minutes.
  • Got the girls to bed way later than I had hoped.
  • Made up their Easter baskets.
  • Filled and hid stupid plastic eggs all over the house.

I'm done (in sooo many ways). LOL!


But while I'm here, I can finally talk a little bit about the new job. I'm excited. There are only 3 other women involved. All of them also work from home and they all set their own hours and work whenever they want to/can. They're developing this really cool computer product (that I'm not really supposed to talk about because I signed a confidentiality agreement). They'll need me until at least August, and possibly until the end of the year. I'm thrilled because it at least means I'll be spending the summer at home and can be home at least until Grace starts kindergarten in September. [happy happy sigh]

The other women seem great. They just happened to bring me on board on a weekend when they're preparing for a big meeting with the software developer on Monday, which is why I had to jump right in and crank out a document. I get the impression that normally, it's a much calmer, slower process and I won't be up until god-awful hours working on stuff.

So I couldn't be more excited. Good pay, from home, during hours that are convenient for me. You just can't beat it. :)


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Alien said...

Uh yeah. Whatever you say.

[snort! LOL!]

Chelle Y. said...

I am sorry you had a hectic day but it sure was nice to hear from you again. Congrats on the job too. I love working from home, even though sometimes I wish my husband did not either! Ha-ha! Just kidding!

Alien said...

Oh Chelle... if Steve AND I worked from home, we would've been divorced YEARS ago. And I'm TOTALLY not kidding. LOL!

And yes, the day was hectic, but it got better towards the end and I DID get everything done on time, so who am I to bitch, ya know? LOL! I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing Easter filled with lots of food and lots of alcohol. LOL! ;)

Mary said...

Hmmm...sometimes I feel I'm being much too hard on Tom when I read about you having the kids full on by yourself during the week, and then often on the weekends. crazy. I just remind myself that Steve spends more one on one time on a day to day basis with your girlies than Tom does with our kiddos.

I'm glad for you that the day is over. Clara is still sitting her beside me coloring. She fell asleep like Hannah did at 5pm, but REFUSED to wake up til almost 7. She'll be up for awhile.

Amber said...

I am so happy for you that you got a good job like that! It sounds really good. :)


EE said...

Oh god...if my husand worked from home Alien and I would have to run away from home. *snort*

I'm super glad you found something, it sounds great!

And sounds like you had a similar day to mine...children fighting

mama_tulip said...

Congrats on the job, dude!

Alien said...

LOL Mary! I don't mind when he does stuff. He works his ASS off at a physically demanding job all week. Then he comes home and has to do all sorts of paperwork for the business. In his "spare time", when he's not participating in one of his hobbies, he's working around the house. I feel he deserves time to do what he actually enjoys. [shrug]

(Besides, when he's here, he throws our routine all off. LOL!)

Kim said...

Congrats on the new job Alien! Sounds like a good deal!

Susan said...

Sounds like a hectic day...glad you got everything done.

Congrats on the new job...sounds perfect for you. Any chance it might turn into something permanent?

Alien said...

Susan, I have NO idea. These women are developing a particular computer software program. Once it's finished, I'm not really sure what will happen. I suppose it possible they could keep needing me, but I don't think even THEY know that right now.

Anonymous said...

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