Saturday, April 22, 2006

What a long day (or so it seemed)...

** Woke up to torrential downpours. [sigh] Now that the kids have gotten a taste of playing outside, days that are strictly limited to indoor play don't always go over so well.

** Played Disney Yahtzee, Candy Land, Hullabaloo, and a Dora matching/memory game all before 8:00 AM. There's just something wrong about that.

** Remembered a butterfly project that families were asked to complete for an open house at the daycare. They sent home poster board with a butterfly outline on it and families were ALL supposed to work on it and create their own butterfly.

** Fought the urge to just do it myself when no one else was around.

** Instead, let the girls glue some macaroni and sunflower seed stripes on it.

** Considered cracking open a beer around 10:00 AM when I caught Hannah dumping the hard macaroni noodles into her underwear.

** Cringed (inwardly) as Grace painted the butterfly's wings and "ruined" my perfect circular polka-dots I had painted minutes before.

** Mentioned casually that she was painting outside the lines and that usually a butterfly's wings matched on both sides.

** Realized that she was right, when she replied, "So? It's prettier when they don't match."

** Received my first paycheck as an official freelancer in the mail today.

** Again, considered therapy when I played video games with Grace during Hannah's nap, and got unbelieveably annoyed and threatened to quit when Grace wouldn't pay attention and wasn't playing "right". (Deep breaths, Allison... Deep breaths...)

** Had several battles with Hannah today and won every one of them (for once). Throw tantrums all you want to, my child, for I will NOT cave.

** Was thrilled when Steve put the last backsplash tile on the wall today in the kitchen. Tomorrow is grouting and then my job of sealing everything will come again in a few days.

** Received the most beautiful pictures of Hannah in my email inbox, taken by my sister on Easter Sunday.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

** Took both girls to my mom's house for the night. (Their choice, not mine.)

** Wondered if women who don't own vibrators realize what they're missing out on in terms of their sex life with their partners. Good stuff, my friends...

** Watched "Tuckerville" tonight. YAHOO! (I really shouldn't admit I watch that, should I? [blush])

** Laughed when Steve saw I was watching "Little People, Big World" and commented, "Wow. You really like watching that midget show, don't you?"" LOL! Dude, if you only knew how hard it is for me...


Amber said...

She is just so totally beautiful. *sigh*


mama_tulip said...

Yeah, rainy days don't go over so well here, either, dammit. And what is it about kids putting stuff in their underwear? I woke Julia up from her nap the other day and her underwear was full of crayons.

EE said...

Yes, rainy icky days after sunny outside days SUCK.

I love those pics of Hannah!

And you KNOW I feel the same about vibrators. ;) LOL

Renfield said...

Those pictures of Hannah are absolutely beautiful. She looks SO pretty in that dress!! I still remember her as the tiny baby with ring around the head curls *happy sigh*

Scully said...

Allison, she is SO beautiful! Those photos are amazing. My kids wont pose for photos in any humane form so I may just have to borrow yours, OK?

Carrie said...

Hannah is so beautiful!

Did you see the Little People Big World with the family from Oregon? The Roloff's? They live about 10 mins from here and own a popular pumpkin patch. I keep forgetting to ask you if you've seen them. Would you like me to set up a private tour of their farm for you? Come on, you know you wanna. ;)

gb said...

She is beautiful!

I agree about the vibrators too!! YOu go girl!!

Tink said...

"Little People, Big World." That's crazy. I happened to flip to that too. Hoop looked at me like I was crazy. "We're not REALLY watching this are we? Do you want to give me nightmares?"

Vibrators are lifesavers. Every woman should own at least one... or ten.

Alien said...

LMAO Carrie! That's exactly the show I'm talking about. I watch it every week now. [sigh] Are they REALLY that close to you? Their farm is GORGEOUS!

OMG! You HAVE to go there next October and get a picture of you with them for me. LOL!

Chelle Y. said...

Those pictures are beautiful! How can you not cave in to that face? :o)