Saturday, April 08, 2006

Miracle Tea, My Ass...

I woke up worse than I was yesterday. So much for natural cures. [sigh]

So I asked Steve what the hell was in it, and at first, he said, "Um. Nothing. It's home grown," while smirking. But then he laughed and revealed that it was just green tea with ginger (the mysterious powder) and honey. But the thing is, the real "recipe" calls for ginger root. But my FIL didn't have any and gave him that ginger powder shit instead. Gee. No wonder it tasted like ass. LOL!

So he made me another cup this morning. I sipped it a little as he watched me and then dumped the whole damn mug after he left the house. LOL! I'll stick to my nasal spray and Advil Sinus tablets, thank you very much.

Anyway, in an act of desperation to keep the girls entertained on yet another rainy/sleety day, we went to the bank and then to the grocery store to get stuff to dye Easter eggs. We came home and started the fun. Fun, my ass. When I was a kid, we used Q-tips and food coloring to color our eggs. It would take HOURS to color them. We'd make stripes and polka dots and squiggles and all kinds of other fun designs. These days, you can't even buy liquid food coloring. Now all I can find is gel food coloring. In order to dye eggs, you have to mix it with water and vinegar. What the hell?

So anyway, Hannah picked a kit that included tubes of puffy paint, and Grace picked a Scooby Doo kit that was supposed to be used to "tie dye" the eggs and then stick Scooby Doo stickers on them.

So we get home and start. Talk about crap. Now you drop a colored tablet in warm water (and it never does fully dissolve), and then you just take a wire holder and drop the eggs in the cup. What fun is that? Grace's was so freakin' complicated, we just ended up dropping hers in the colored water too. My god. It came with a plastic egg-shaped mold with little holes in it. We were supposed to wrap an egg in a damp piece of fabric (included in the kit), put the whole thing in the mold, and then use the included dropper to squirt different colors in the holes of the mold. We did just that. And it didn't work. Total ripoff.

So we used Hannah's puffy paint on all of them, and that was just freakin' weird. Puffy paint? On Easter eggs? What the hell?

So although the girls had fun, it really wasn't that much fun. So I'm going to buy the damn gel food coloring the next time I'm at the store and go through the annoying process of mixing it with water and vinegar. And then I'm going to hand the girls some Q-tips and tell 'em to have at it. And I guarantee you, they'll have more fun. PAAS kits, we're done with you. Bite us.

The rest of the day went pretty well with the exception of a huge fight I got in with Grace, where about 50 mini marshmallows got thrown around my car and I yelled louder than I've ever yelled in my life. Lucky for her (and me), we were on our way to dropping the girls off at Grandma's for the night, so we wouldn't have to be around each other for the rest of the night. Seriously, I HATE yelling at the kids. And I HATE when I lose my temper. But I've about had it with the constant bickering, arguing, and attitude I get from the two of them. There are days they play ALL DAY together so nicely. But those are usually days we can play outside. With the crappy ass weather lately, and the fact that we're all sporting snotty noses and neverending colds, has made for some miserable girls in the house. [sigh]

But now they're at Grandma's until tomorrow (and Grace and I did make up before I left) and I can sit here with my beer and my TLC channel and forget all my troubles for the night. Unless Steve tries to push more of that ass water tea on me. Then we may have issues...


pugangel said...

Ok here is my cure all for head congestion..... I know it sounds bad, but get Mucinex D. In the RED BOX. They keep it behind the counter at the know so you can't go make Crank out of it :) It is the best thing in the world for head congestion. Hope it works for you too :)

Scully said...

Regular Mucinex works good too and won't make you tired. Take TWO every 8 hours.

I apologize in advance but I totally LOL at the flying marshmallows in the car! The other day Jamey and I were going to the store and Connor popped open an umbrella in the backseat and it racked Jamey in the head. He was SO mad but I had to laugh because it basically exploded open and all you could see back there was red and white umbrella. Aaah kids... all this will be funny one day. Many, many, many years from now.

mama_tulip said...

When I'm congested I sit in the shower with the water on really hot and steam the snot out. I can hork down the drain and it's all good, too. ;)

EE said...

Dang about the miracle tea not being as miraculous as you had first thought.

You won't make your kids fruit smoothies in a 36yro blender, but you WILL dye eggs the old fashioned way????

Hope you get to feeling better.

Amber said...

I am laughing at the tea, because my dad is an Herbalist. Meaning, yes, he HAS smoked a lot of pot in his life. But also, he has a fucking TEA for EVERYTHING. Back hurt? Here's a tea. Head hurt? Here's a tea. Got a fat lip? Here's a tea. And they ALL taste like shit, except the pepperment for upset tummy. But I tossed so much of it up when I was prego, just the smell of it makes me yak now! LOL!

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