Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good Coffee and Good Sex

Crap. I have nothing interesting to say again today. How the hell does that happen?

Steve and I did get to go out sans kids when my parents watched the girls while Steve and I went shopping for work boots (obviously for him). He also bought a bunch of camouflage hunting gear that was on sale. Do you have any idea how mind-numbingly boring it is to stand in the Army Navy store, staring at camo stuff while your husband tries on said camo stuff? Zzzzz...

I was excited to head out to dinner afterwards though. We got to sit there, eat kick ass food (I had sirloin beef tips in a whiskey peppercorn sauce), and just talk. We so rarely get to just talk. At home, we tend to talk during commercials of whatever show we're watching, so there's no real substance going on. LOL!

Tonight we talked about our town's severe lack of things for people to do (women in particular). Seriously. All I want is a group of women that get together to chill every once in awhile. Give me a book club (where wine drinking and gossip are more the norm than actually talking about the assigned book). Give me some chicks that play Bunco every other week (not that I know how to play Bunco or even what it involves... I just know several women who play it on a regular basis and have a blast). Give me a decent coffee shop. (Currently, my choices for buying any form of hot caffeinated beverage are Dunkin' Donuts or the Exxon station down the street.) Give me something. But nope. It ain't happening in this town.

In general, I love where we live. I truly do. Little to no crime. Good schools. Friendly, hardworking people. A real sense of community. Everyone knows everyone else. Everyone helps everyone else... But it would be nice to have somewhere decent to go. I said to Steve that even if I called up my friends for a girls' night out, we'd have nowhere to go. There are maybe four bars in the area and they're all either total dive bars with toothless, pool playing, drunk bikers (...and believe me, I think those places totally have a place in every town and I like those joints when I'm going out with a group of friends looking to whoop it up. But not so much when I'm heading out for a night of gossip and bitching about our husbands with some girlfriends) or totally loud, obnoxious dance clubs where unless you're fresh out of college and wearing a naval-baring shirt, you'll feel out of place. And I've already mentioned there are no coffee shop type places. None. There isn't even a bookstore within 25 miles. (No shit. I'm not kidding.)

To go to any decent place, you have to drive a good 30 miles away. And well, who the hell wants to do that? Not me. So apparently, I'm destined to sit at home, chatting with my online friends who all live a bazillion miles away, and my only "hobby" will continue to be scrapbooking once every 6 months all by myself on the toyroom floor after the kids are asleep. I'm a real fucking party animal, no?

Anyway, enough of that little pity party. Let's move on.

The dinner conversation between Steve and I then turned to religion. (And don't ask me how because I swear I have no freakin' clue.) I then told my Catholic-school going husband my "theories" of the Bible and how it truly does bother me that I haven't found a religion I can really relate to and embrace, but that I also can't make myself believe or agree with something either. I told him I think I'd like to be a Quaker, and he said, "Like the guy on the oatmeal box?" and I knew it was pointless to try and explain. LOL! Gotta love the guy...

So anyway, it was really nice to get out and do something together. As often as my mom keeps the kids overnight, it's really rare that we actually go somewhere when she has them, so it was nice to "reconnect". But this also leads me to the following Open Letter to My Husband...

Dear Steve,

"Grey's Anatomy" is one of my favorite shows. In fact, it's my very favorite non-reality TV show that I watch. You know this because I tell you this quite often. So if you want some action on a Sunday night, please don't wait until 10:00 to decide you want it. We have not yet joined the modern world in terms of TiVo and DVR and whatever other fancy schmancy TV-recording devices are out there. If I want to record something, I need to rewind a blank tape, set the VCR, etc.

I don't want to miss "Grey's Anatomy." However, I also don't want to use a television show as a reason not to have sex with my husband. So if you ask me right when my favorite television show is about to start, and I'm not going to go through the hassle of the whole VCR thing, then if I do come upstairs to "romp" with you, you need to be aware that there's no way I'm going to be into it, knowing I'm missing a portion of my favorite show, and therefore, am going to do everything I can to make our session a quickie, whether you would like it to be or not.

Got it? Good.

Love your wife,


Melissa said...

I totally understand what you mean about having nowhere to go to hang out the your friends. That's the way it was when we lived up north. Not that I had friends, but if I would have had friends, we would have had no where to hang out. Hey, there's an idea for you, why don't you open up your own little coffee shop! Ok, except then you'd be working your ass off so hard you wouldn't have time to hang out with your girlfriends...never mind.

You know what I've always wanted to open? One of those tube town places, where people could take their kids to play when the weather is bad, so they wouldn't have to take them to McDonald's and eat that crap they sell. That would be a cool thing to have in town.

gb said...

Yeah, but if you are going to miss your FAVORITE show anyway, why don't you make it mind-numbing, wall-shaking, bed-post rocking sex? You might as well make it worth it!! Ha ha!

Alien said...

Because GB, the quicker it is, the less of my show I miss. Duh. LOL!

gb said...

Ha Ha!

EE said...

No sex during favorite shows. It's a deal breaker for me. LOL, but you handled it well.

I kind of have the same problem here. Except there ARE quite few clubs, places to go, etc but these moms are not "you and I" moms. Like we just never clique bc they are so prim and proper and uh, well. Not fun. LOL

It sucks.

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