Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dear Hannah...

This Port-a-Potty aversion has got to end. Although understandable, it's just not practical. Not when it's springtime and we go to the park on a fairly regular basis, where port-a-potties are the only option when one needs to relieve him or herself. And not when your big sister now has T-ball practices and games twice a week, where again, port-a-potties are the only option you're given. So I'm afraid you're going to either need to learn to deal with "stinky potties." Or you're going to be walking around in wet pants an awful lot. Got it? Good. Now let's move on.



Seriously guys, this kid is killing me. Such a complex individual this tiny little 2-year-old is. See, she has NO problem with port-a-potties in general, or, in theory. In fact, they're almost like a "novelty" in her eyes, and there are times she'll insist on using one several times in an hour. But there's a catch. There can be no visible poop when she looks down in the hole.

Pee isn't a problem. Tons of toilet paper doesn't phase her. But let her get a glimpse of someone else's poop and all bets are off. Now I will say that I can't really blame the child. It IS gross no matter what age you are. But it's also something that one is bound to be confronted with when using port-a-potties on a fairly regular basis.

Grace had T-ball practice today. Five minutes into it, Hannah says she has to go potty. (Usually we go 2 or 3 times in one practice. For fun? I dunno. Ask Hannah.) So I trek her across two baseball fields to the two port-a-potties. She walks in the first one. She spies poop. She says she's NOT going to go in there because it's "stinky." (And for the record, the port-a-potties there do NOT smell bad. Not even remotely. So the odor is not the actual culprit.)

So we walk to the adjacent potty. The only other potty there. I hold my breath in anticipation, actually praying there is no visible poop in that one. Fuck, there is. It's a no go. She's not going. Outright refuses.

I try to reason with her and tell her that she has no other choices and that it's either go in one of them or pee in her pants. She tells me "she was just fooling" and that she doesn't really have to go. [sigh]

Apparently, she either WAS fooling or she has a bladder of steel, because she didn't go and she didn't have any accidents while there.

She's a damn high-maintenance princess I tell ya. I think she might actually be EE's kid. ;)

(I guess I'll be packing her potty in my trunk when we go to T-ball from now on. [sigh] When the hell did I become such a mom? Ugh.)


And since my day today did not revolve solely on Hannah's issues with other people's poop, in other news...

** Grace kicked ASS at T-ball today. The coach was hitting grounders to all the kids in the field to teach them to stop the ball with their glove, pick it up, and throw it to first base. Grace kept getting it over, and over, and over... Even if the ball went past her or between her legs, about 5 kids would all run for it, and Grace would get it every single time. I swear I think I saw her elbow a kid in the face once in an attempt to get to the ball before him. Competitiveness is good, right? Even when it's against someone on the same team, right?

** Assumed the girls were sleeping over at my mom's tonight (like every other Saturday), and therefore allowed Hannah to nap WAY too long and WAY too late (because I'm a sucky daughter like that). But see, then I actually spoke to my mom and was informed that she's going with my sister and BIL at the crack ass of dawn tomorrow morning to some auction or sale or something, so the girls couldn't sleep over tonight, but are more than welcome to tomorrow night since she took off of work on Monday. Fuuuuuuuck! (Serves me right. I know this.)

** Took the girls outside with a mission to run them ragged until right before bedtime so Hannah would crash at her normal time.

** Ran to Dunkin' Donuts to buy coffee beans for tomorrow morning (we're completely out) and walked in to discover they don't take credit or debit cards yet. So I paid for a pound of coffee beans and 2 glazed donuts (for the girls who were at home expecting them) using $9.50 in nickels, dimes & quarters.

** Picked a tick out of Hannah's hair tonight after her bath. Sometimes this "country life" sucks.

** Just spent an hour blogging about all of this in an attempt to avoid working, even though I need the money. But it involves, like, thought and I'm not so sure my brain is functioning at that level right now. Off to research financial stuff. Yay. I'm such a party animal on a Saturday night.


EE said...

"I think she might actually be EE's kid" *snort* I actually don't have a problem using port-a-potties ;)

I was going to suggest hauling around a little potty in your trunk. I think you might be on to something. I did that forever w/ Calista, it saved trying to actually FIND a potty when we were driving around, etc.

That figures about Hannah and the whole nap thing. LOL

Alien said...

LOL! I mostly meant the girly-girl part. I just can't relate. My poor child is doomed. Don't be surprised when I'm calling you for makeup tips in a few years for my daughter. LOL!

Melissa said...

I found a tick in the bathroom yesterday and I'm NOT in the country! Of course, the bugs just love it down here. I am terrified of ticks. I couldn't sleep last night because Lance had the fan on and my hair kept blowing on my ear. I thought it was a tick trying to get me.

And, you know, I'm not a girly girl either, but I'd hold it then go in a portapotty - even one that doesn't stink. I don't blame her one bit. LOL

Chelle Y. said...

Mike found two ticks on him and we are so not in the country either! What's up with that!?!

Alien, times like that it makes me happy to have a little boy. The other day we were at the park and he had to go. I just told him to go behind the bush. So easy! :o)

Pink Rocket said...

Jerrett out right refused to go potty anywhere except for the bathroom at home...not even gas stations (the sound of the flushing scares him) the potty chair stayed in the truck, and still does for long trips. Heck, he wouldn't even pee outside until this past week when I was in Texas!

EE said...

I know, lol, I figured that. I heart Hannah.

Mary said...

(((Hannah))) I hate porta potties too. Luckily the parks we go to the most have real bathrooms. Still filthy, but atleast they have sinks and no big tubs of shit.

Janet said...

We STILL have a potty in the back of our car. I am the one that does not want my baby to go the bathroom in those disgusting things!(I must have been like Hannah as a baby. LOL) I think the potty in the car is a great idea:-)

Go Grace!

Chelle Y. said...

We are taking one big road trip this summer, I think I will not a potty in the car just for me! :o)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the visual that just popped into my head, Chelle. LMAO.

Amber said...

I would ABSOLUTELY do the take along potty. That is what you call a good plan, right there! One I will tuck away for the future. ;)