Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Busy Day...

(...which means another lameass post. [sigh] Sorry.)

* Made $90 just listening to other people talk during several conference calls. I could get used to this freelancing thing.

* Got an email from my old manager that I've been "requested by name" for a tech writing gig, and wanting to know if I'm still available. Damn straight I'm available! Who needs sleep anyway?

* Did the ol' seasonal clothing switcharoo in Hannah's closet. This was a project that took several hours, and one that I always despise with every ounce of my being.

* Laughed to myself when realizing that the spring/summer clothing I was unpacking for my almost 3-year-old to wear this year is the same clothing that her big sister was wearing the summer after her 1st birthday. Holy size difference, Batman! Seriously. Grace was wearing some of the stuff before she could even walk, and it may still be too big on Hannah this year. LOL!

* Did a few hours of work on a document for my new job.

* Got three loads of laundry done (but not put away).

* Realized (after typing the above statement) that there's still a load that needs to be thrown in the dryer. That ain't happening at this hour. I guess I'll be rewashing that load in the morning. [sigh]

* Drove 35 minutes (one way) to walk into the tile store, pick up 8 lousy tiles (which took 10 minutes), write a check for $80+, and drive 35 minutes back home. There's something seriously wrong with that on so many levels.

* Cut my hand trying to yank out the hose attachment while vacuuming. Seriously Steve, we all realize you're fucking stong. But you seem to have this need to jam the damn thing back in as hard as is humanly possible everytime you use the vacuum. Knock it the fuck off.

* Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the living room, and cleaned the playroom.

* Put all of the girls' godforsaken Easter crap away so I don't have to look at it anymore. (At least not contained in pastel pink and green baskets with large bows anyway.)

* Grabbed a case of beer for the weekend.

* Returned movies that were like 3 weeks overdue. Thank you Blockbuster and your no late fees.

* Did some invoicing for Steve. (You know... because I don't have anything better to do.)

* Was shown (by Steve) that he shaved his chest. Dude. That's gay. But whatever floats your boat...

* Am happy to report that this god awful sinus infection finally seems to be going away, so I may have a bit more life in me and be able to blog more regularly now. (I'm sure you're all thrilled.)


Belynda said...

It stinks you've been so busy lately, but it sounds like it's all been worth it! WTG on the new gig!

I think the purpose of a sinus infection is to make you utterly grateful for good health. (I've had 2 so far this year...blech!)

mama_tulip said...

Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.

I am seriously laughing really, really hard that Steve shaved his chest. WHY?

Alien said...

LOL Katherine. I'm not really sure. He used to shave his chest when I first met him, and I told him it was gay and he hasn't done it for years. He's really into working out these days, so my guess is that he did it so we'd all get a better view of his well-defined muscles? [rolling eyes] I told him it's queer and he should really let it grow back. LMFAO!

EE said...

LMAO, Doug shaves his chest, has since I've known him. I actually prefer it.

SO glad you are starting to feel better.

Amber said...

Oh my gosh! Kory shaved his chest not long ago, too. It is SO gay! That's what I told him, too! LMAO!

Good for you on the work front! :)


Alien said...

LOL Amber! Damn gay husbands.

EE, it's not that I prefer hairy chests over smooth chests. But only if they're NATURALLY not hairy. A man shaving his body is just gay. And I ESPECIALLY hate when he goes a few days without shaving it, which means he has stubble and then everyone KNOWS he shaves his chest. Gay! LOL!

(And he just left to get his haircut. Thank GOD. I like his hair long, but it was looking BAD. He hasn't had a cut in about 9 months and it looks that way. Maybe they can glue his cut hair onto his chest? LOL!)

Tink said...

"Was shown (by Steve) that he shaved his chest. Dude. That's gay. But whatever floats your boat..."

LMAO. Hoop's done that on a few occasions. There is nothing worse than trying to get it on and ending up with stubble burns. I mean... It's bad enough we have to deal with it on their faces.

Susan said...

Yay for the writing gigs!

Glad you're finally starting to feel better. Those sinus infections suck big time!

Amber said...

Oh! I HATE the stubble! And my man grows a five o'clock shadow by about 2 pm, so the ol' face stubble came in fast.


mama_tulip said...

OMG, EE, Doug shaves his chest?! *snort* That is SO GAY.

Does he get ingrown hairs?

Chelle Y. said...

Hey, I got you beat, my husband shaves his legs. He road and mountain bikes and I guess many of them do that (something about wind resistance). He does not have much hair on his legs anyway (girls would kill to have that problem) but it's still a funny sight watching him. He does not even have hair on his chest, but there's not shaving there. That's natural! :o) Gotta love him, though.

Alien said...

LOL! Chelle, that's actually OK. Although I think it's WEIRD to see a guy with hairless legs, I also understand why bikers do it.

But see, there's NO reason why a (real) man should shave his chest, unless he's a professional body builder or weight lifter (in which case, it's expected so he can show the lines of his muscles). It IS gay, dammit.

And I have a correction. Last night, when Steve said, "Look! I cleaned up!" and lifted his shirt, I assumed he had shaved it, called him gay and walked out of the room. Further conversation and examination today has shown that he didn't shave it completely. He just "took the clippers to it to see how it would look before he shaved it all off." So he just has short hairs now. [shaking head] Whatever you say, flamer.

EE said...

LMAO you guys! No Doug doesn't get ingrown hairs. I *do* hate when he lets it go too long bwtn times. Ick. But I like that he shaves his chest. He doesn't have hardly any hair anyways, but I *hate* hairy men. LOL

Anonymous said...

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