Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 13 Banner by Emily

Thirteen Things That Annoyed the Piss Out of Me Today

1. Hannah woke up twice throughout the night. Only for a few minutes each time, but it still involved me waking up and having to go into her room.

2. Not being able to find two stinkin' socks that matched for Hannah to put on this morning for daycare. Seriously. There were seven effin' loads of clean laundry done (but not put away yet... [sigh]) and I couldn't find one (matching) pair of lousy socks in any of them.

3. Putting away the aforementioned seven loads of laundry this afternoon. I'd seriously pay someone good money to come to my home and put away all clean laundry every night. And I mean good money. Hell, I'll pass out sexual favors too if that'll work.

4. Team MoJo on "The Amazing Race". I watched last night's episode this morning and they kept dissing my Hippies. I hate them. A lot.

5. The "Unknown Caller" that kept calling me this morning, every 5 minutes. Dude. I don't know who you are, or what you want. And this is just speculation, but I'm pretty sure that calling me every 15 minutes is probably not going to make me want to pick up the phone. If you want me that badly, leave a message.

6. Driving the 30 miles to go to Home Depot for quart cans of paint so we can pick a fucking color for this kitchen already. I don't mind Home Depot in general. But I do mind that it takes me a half hour to get there for stupid paint.

7. The couple at Home Depot who decided to park their (empty) shopping cart right in front of the entire paint chip display while they browsed through them, essentially blocking everyone else from looking. And what annoyed me even more is that even when they turned around and saw that 4 other people were trying to access the area, they still didn't move their (empty) cart. ASSHOLES!! (And then were looking for hideous bright orange colors. And I mean bright. They really don't deserve to block the paint chip display.)

8. The fact that I have to pay $10 per quart can of paint to bring home and brush a whopping 2' x 2' section on my wall. It's a damn conspiracy, I tell ya...

9. The fact that Ralph Lauren paints has created small, $2.00 - $3.00 paint sample "packets" for you to buy and bring home. However, dear ol' Ralph has decided to ONLY sell in stores, the ridiculous colors that no one in their right mind would consider using. Yes, Ralph, I LOVE the idea. But I really didn't plan on painting any of the rooms in my home a bright fuschia or anti-freeze blue color anytime soon.

10. That of the three quart cans I bought, none are "doing it" for us in terms of being the right color. One is WAY too orange (I swear it didn't look like that in the store), the one I was sure I would pick looks totally blah on the walls, and the one I grabbed on a whim is the one we both like most. Unfortunately, we don't love it, so $30.00 and an entire afternoon later, it's back to the drawing board.

11. That Steve consistently falls asleep before our children, putting a huge damper on our sex life. Not that I want to necessarily do it more often. But it'd be nice if it was at least an option.

12. The three recruiters that emailed and/or called me saying they received my resume like a month ago, and would now like to interview. Yeah. Assholes. Where were you three months ago? You know... before I signed contracts with my freelancing stuff and got the idea in my head that I don't have to work full-time. Dammit.

13. The fact that I can't think of a thirteenth one. I really do suck, don't I?

And a 14th one, just because...

14. That right after hitting "Publish Post" last night on this list, I fell asleep with my head on my desk and then woke up an hour later with a stiff neck. Son of a bitch....


Melissa said...

No, you don't suck. Dork.

Amber said...

You always make me laugh, even when your bitchin'! I think if we ever got together for margaritas, we could really entertain one another.

Any flavor margaritas will do. ;)


Melissa said...

Amber, you'll have to come with me for Pigroast '08. ;)

EE said...

Ack, any and all those things would have annoyed me too!

*snort* #14,!

beth said...

*Smack!* What the hell are you thinking wishing Steve would stay up later. If you want to get laid, wake him up - I don't imagine he'll be too upset.

At least this way you have a choice. If he were awake, you'd have to come up with excuses instead. ;-)

So what colors are you trying for the kitchen?

Chelle Y. said...

I hate putting laundry away too. I will keep drying them over and over again just to delay putting them away. You do not suck, I do. (My husband will actually say I don't suck. Hehehe)

Oh, and I am so sick of trying to find matching pair of socks for Brendan, I am tempted to throw every sock away and buy new ones. That's how bad it is over here!

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Chelle...I did that a few months ago. I chucked every stinkin' kid sock in teh house and went to Wal Mart for those massive sacks o' socks. The boy's socks are grey on the bottom and the girl's are pink. Done. Life's too short.

Tink said...

So you might suck... But we don't want to hear about that. ;)

I hope your Friday (and weekend) goes better!!

And socks come with matches?? Ya know, I don't think I own a single pair.

Alien said...

Ugh Beth. Well, I picked three colors. One that had more of a terra cotta feel to it, one that was more reddish, and one that was sort of a reddish brown. The reddish brown one was used in a kitchen in one of their flyers and it looked STUNNING with the white cabinets in the picture. But on our wall, it just looks tan and drab, which surprised me.

The terra cotta one looked more like pumpkin once I put it on the wall (LOL) so that one was out.

The reddish one we like (it's called Arabian Red), but there's something about it we DON'T like that we can't put our finger on. I can't figure out if it needs to be darker, or just have different tones in it (more brown? less "pink"? I dunno.)

I think I'm going to ditch the Behr paint though. I LOVE Behr paint, and I know they have the perfect color (if we can find it). But it's a royal PITA to drive 30 miles one way to pick up all the samples. I'm going to head to the place 10 minutes down the road and see if I can find anything there. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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