Thursday, September 08, 2005

OK. Here we go. Highlights and Observations...

of My Day (Yesterday... Wednesday)

1) Woke up and shortly thereafter, found myself doubled over with horrible, burning stomach cramps like I've never experienced before. Sweet.

2) Sent a screaming Hannah with my mom for her first day in her new room at daycare (without my mom). *sigh* Yup, it was shaping up to be a fantastic day, lemme tell ya.

3) Was annoyed Hannah wouldn't let me take her picture before she left. (Not annoyed at her... just annoyed in general.)

4) Did nothing except sit in front of the computer all day and run to the bathroom every 5 minutes or so for um "relief."

5) Went to the gas station for tampons (that's right folks... AF is also here) because I was afraid a drive to the grocery store would result in me shitting my pants.

6) Was bummed when the gas station was out of cinnamon AND peppermint Altoids (the only two flavors I really like), and settled on Spearment instead. Um, blech. (And yet, I continue to eat them...)

7) Typed several emails to some friends, telling them about my digestive troubles, and kept realizing that they really didn't need or want to know about them, so I never clicked Send.

8) Decided, however, that all of you loyal blog readers deserved to know about my um, "issues." (Aren't you lucky.)

9) Made the mistake of telling Grace she starts gymnastics class on Saturday. It's now ALL she talks about... "Is it tomorrow Mommy?... When I wake up, am I going to gymnastics?... When is it Saturday Mommy?" [sigh] I really should've waited until Saturday morning to tell her.

10) Watched my children fight over a picture of a basketball in a book, both claiming it was "Mine!" Yeah, um girls, newsflash... it's a picture! Damn freaks.


mama_tulip said...

Girl, if anyone understands butt issues, it's *me*.

mama_tulip said...

And I forgot to tell you how friggin' cute Gracie looks in that picture of her all ready for school. I love her belt and I love that she picked it out.

Alien said...

LOL! Thanks Katherine! Yes, she picked that skirt (the belt came with it). Unfortunately, all of the shirts they had that were supposed to match the skirt were long-sleeved and it's still a little too warm here for that. So we had to make due and she chose the pink t-shirt so it would match her socks and new sneakers. LOL!

Emily said...

With all the Altoids at least your bowel explosions should've started to be minty fresh...


Emily said...

BTW-when you type out an email, gross, offensive, whatever...hit 'send' of all people know that *I* always hit send...real friends like you, even when you are icky.
:) LOL

Mary said...

Hope you had a better day today!

Anonymous said...

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